Smarter today.
Smarter tomorrow.

The Gogoro Network® Battery Swapping Platform, a faster, easier, smarter way to power up. Your Gogoro Smartscooter® can be ready to go in seconds.

Swap & Go in 6 Secs1

In, Out, Go. So quick that it’s still fast when you do it slowly.

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Put your batteries into the GoStation®, and it will pop out two freshly charged ones in a few heartbeats. That’s it, no cash, no pin-entry, just swap and go.

Travel Around Taiwan

GoStations® Sites* locate across convenience stores, supermarkets and parking lots, we are always on your way.

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We’ve built the Gogoro Network® with your life at the center, working with businesses and communities to constantly expand GoStation® sites locations, so we’re always making it better and easier for you to get around.

Riding Plan

Don’t buy, subscribe! It’s the best way to get the freshest, safest batteries with the newest technology. As battery technology gets better, we’ll make sure you ride faster, further, and safer.

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Smart Battery

Gogoro Network® released its 3rd generation battery upgrades, available to all riding plan subscribers, the latest battery cells and packing innovation add an additional 27% of energy capacity to every pack. Enjoy longer riding distance of up to 170 km* with every swap.

Super Safe

Designed for safety first, each Gogoro Network® Smart Battery is encased in an ultra-durable aluminum that’s durable and waterproof.

Worry Free

Gogoro Network® takes care of the depreciation and maintenance of all the batteries, so everyone can simply ride with worry free.

Always Ready

Gogoro Network® constantly monitors every single battery in our network, making sure you only get the batteries in the best condition every time you swap.

Ride Smarter

Gogoro Network® Smart Battery sync with the Smartscooter®. You can easily check conditions of Smartscooter®

Come and visit our GoStation®!

  1. From the moment used batteries are inserted into the charging station to the moment two new batteries are taken out.
  2. {:"On a sunny day with fair wind conditions, with the tire pressure set to factory setting and batteries fully charged, a 63 kg rider performs the road test on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. A Gogoro personnel collects the speed, time and mileage using a commercial GPS speedometer.Max. riding range per battery swap"=>"ride at speed of 30 km/h continuously on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline until the electricity ran out."}
  3. The number 1,386+ includes GoStation® sites both in operation and currently under construction.