Gogoro Network

The new standard in alternative fuel. We are building the world’s most advanced battery swapping platform and the fastest, cleanest, most impactful way to power up.

Swap & Go

Fast and Easy.

Swap out fresh batteries from one of our GoStation® and you’re ready to go in seconds. You can leave the battery charging to us and focus on enjoying your ride.

Swap & Go in
6 Seconds
24 Hours

The Best way to refuel

So Quick

Pull up and insert the batteries in any direction, and get a pair of newly charged batteries in 6 seconds. No fume, no fuss, no waiting.

So Simple

NFC enabled and digitally managed, everything from accounts to payment can be managed through our robust back-end system.

24 Hours Access

GoStation® are on and waiting 24/71. Alerts when a station is under scheduled maintenance and re-direct users to an alternative GoStation.

Worry Free

We monitor and maintain the batteries to the best condition while charging them in the safest way possible, so everyone can simply ride worry free.


The onboard touchscreen of the GoStation® provides information about the energy use and can help to display unique offerings.

We run a health check of your Smartscooter® every time you swap, keeping the condition of your vehicle in check and help you schedule a maintenance if necessary.

Smart Batteries

Best in Class.

A combination of several ground-breaking and patented innovations, Gogoro’s smart batteries outperform others in safety, power density, efficiency, and range per battery swap.

Tracks and stores
riding data
Rugged and

Power for Days

110 KM
Maximum Range

594 KG
CO2 Saved Per Year

Go, go, go.

Every pair of our ultra-high density batteries pack enough power to ride 110km2 per swap. Use Swap & Go to infinitely extend your range without waiting.

Super Safe

Designed for safety first, each battery is encased in an ultra-durable aluminum sleeve that’s durable and waterproof.

Always Fresh

We constantly monitor every single battery in our network, making sure you only get the freshest batteries in the best condition every time you swap.

Always Thinking

Gogoro’s smart batteries sync with the Smartscooter®, gathering energy usage data and checking vehicle conditions while you ride, so you stay in the know.

Battery Network

Anytime, any Place.

Gogoro Network is easily deployable and expandable. Our system is designed to meet the needs of different business models, from complete city coverage to private battery swapping network solutions.

Swap & Go all over the city.

GoStations® are interconnected and similar in size to an ATM machine. They can be conveniently placed in locations ranging from gas stations to convenience stores. Around where you live and work, they are here to make everyone's city life cleaner and easier.


Gogoro Network is designed to meet the needs of different business models, from open coverage to exclusive battery swapping network solutions.

Gogoro Network’s management system calculates swap patterns, redirecting power and charging at off peak hours, always ready even on the busiest days.


All You Can Ride.

Access to the
most powerful batteries

Access to the most advanced battery technology without ever have to worry about battery care, wear, or replacement.

Swap at the world’s
largest energy network

Unlimited swap at the world’s fastest, cleanest energy network that keeps expanding to help you ride further.

24/7 Online &
Offline Support

We’re here to help. Our customer service support is here for you through online portals and offline customer call centers.

Includes Regular
Maintenance Service

Reduce your cost of ownership even further by subscribing to plans which include regular maintenance service.


Our Impact in Taiwan

CO2 saved

As much CO2 as trees consume every year.

Batteries swapped

There are more than batteries swapped per day from the first day we sold our gogoro

Total distance covered

As long as the distance traveling around the Earth via equator times.

  • 1. subject to different locations
  • 2. Designated Models Only