Gogoro Network

Swap & Go
in seconds.

Electric fuel reimagined.

The most advanced energy platform for electric two-wheels


Brands powered by Gogoro Network

Power Packed.

Super simple, ultra-smart, ready to go. This is on-demand electric fuel for a new generation of smart vehicles.

Always quick. Always ready.

GoStation Sites make swapping batteries a breeze. Way cleaner than gas. Infinitely faster than charging. Full batteries are ready when you are. No waiting. No fumes. No fuss.

Fast, easy, everywhere.


The wait is over. Refuel in seconds.

The fastest, cleanest way to power your ride. Swaps in seconds. Compact and easy to use. Enough energy for days of riding. Charged and ready for you. Just swap and go and you’re back on the road without skipping a beat.


Swap on the way, and just keep going

Ride all you like. Fresh batteries are always close by. GoStation sites always have plenty ready when and where you need them, 24 hours a day, all across the city. Off to work? Out for the night? Just exploring? No problem. There’s a GoStation along the way.


Power with a tap, payments in a snap.

Connect to the entire Gogoro Network in real time. Ready for a swap? Find fresh batteries near you. Planning a trip? Map GoStation Sites on your route. Everything is here. Riding plans. Cash-free billing. Riding stats. Swapping tips. Network updates. 24/7 service. Gas never had an app.


You do the riding. We take care of the rest.

Enjoy worry-free battery service swap after swap. Your subscription gives you easy access to fresh, ready-to-swap, smart batteries as you go. Each is connected to the Gogoro Network and continually monitored for safety, energy efficiency, and performance. The latest tech. Automatic updates. More GoStation sites year after year. It’s all yours.

Smarter today.
Smarter tomorrow.

Space Efficient

GoStation Sites use less space than a parking spot and are quick and easy to install in a wide range of sites. A single location can serve hundreds of swaps a day without waiting.

Easy to Operate

Weather proof. Tamper proof. Low maintenance. 24hr monitoring, remote updates and automatic safety measures deliver 99% uptime.

Built to Last

Rugged design, future-proof technology and continual updates. Engineered for reliability in the most demanding urban environments. Swap after swap, year after year.


Thinking ahead.

SmartGEN is our cloud-connected nerve center. Its AI is constantly learning from riding patterns and swap behavior to anticipate when and where full batteries will be needed. By intelligently distributing energy we keep hundreds of thousands of riders moving swiftly on their way.


Years of service.

Smart Batteries are designed to last longer. Even after years of vehicle service, they go on to help power and connect smart cities, from smart parking meters to connected street lights and traffic signals.