25% of total Taiwan market monthly sales

Powered by Gogoro Network vehicles tops the list of total registered vehicles during November, with 20,015 units sold, accounting for nearly 25% of the total market share.

The amount Powered By Gogoro Network™ (PBGN) registered vehicles reached a combined total of 20,015 units, accounting for nearly 25% of the market share. In terms of sales, Gogoro tops the list in the 125cc class as they accounted for 29% of the market share. For scooter models, the two hot-selling models, the Gogoro 2 Delight and Gogoro VIVA were No. 2 and No. 4 on the market for the most amount of registered scooters in the month, Setting Gogoro's highest single monthly sales record of all time.

YAMAHA, a member of the PBGN, was the first to announce the “EC-05,” an electric scooter developed jointly with PBGN program during June of this year, and recently won the Golden Pin Design Award along with the German Design Award. In August, A-Motor Future Mobility launched the “Ai-1 Sport,” which used Gogoro Network™ and uses the exclusively developed CROXERA Smart Dashboard. PGO then released the “Ur1” at the end of November, which combines a classic look with technology to make riding fashionable and smart.

In addition to the rapid expansion of the PBGN, the Gogoro Network has also actively achieved its construction target for this year. The total number of GoStations has reached 1,534 (including those under construction), the total number of users has reached 250,000, and the accumulated number of battery exchanges has exceeded 65 million. In the future, with the increasing amount of users, the Gogoro Network will continue to expand the deployment density and scope to provide convenient battery exchange services and experiences for the PBGN users.

This is a clear sign consumers’ purchasing behavior is changing, and the wave of battery-based scooters is unstoppable. The brand partnerships and diverse electric scooter models can help satisfy consumers with vast amount of options, and propel the transition of the entire mobility industry.

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