Gogoro Led Taiwan in Electric Scooter Sales in 2022 For the Seventh Straight Year and Gogoro Network Battery Swapping Powered 90-percent of Taiwan’s Electric Scooters

According to the Taiwan government’s newly released 2022 scooter sales statistics, electric scooter penetration rose to 12-percent in 2022 and Gogoro Network battery swapping powered five out of the top six electric scooter makers, including A-Motor, the number two electric scooter maker. 

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, January 5, 2023 – Gogoro Inc. (Nasdaq: GGR), a global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities, today announced that it led electric scooter sales in Taiwan in 2022 for the seventh straight year and its partner A-Motor was the number two electric scooter maker.

The Taiwan government released its annual scooters sales report for 2022 that highlighted the continued growth of electric scooters accounting for 12-percent of all scooters sold. The report also demonstrated Gogoro’s continued leadership in two-wheel electric mobility with Gogoro Network battery swapping powering 90-percent of all electric scooters in Taiwan including five out of the top six electric vehicle makers.

“We are proud of the progress Gogoro and its partners are making to lead Taiwan into a smarter and cleaner future. With five out of the top six electric scooter makers using Gogoro Network battery swapping, Gogoro is powering 90% of all electric scooters in Taiwan and there are now more Gogoro Network battery swapping locations than gas stations across Taiwan’s major cities,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO of Gogoro. “Consumers and governments are demanding cleaner and smarter transportation choices for cities like never before and with Gogoro’s technology, partners and experience we are well positioned to meet their needs.”



With more locations than gas stations in Taiwan’s cities, the Gogoro Network is a new generation of swappable battery refueling that is smart, safe and continually optimizing itself to be dynamic and versatile for riders, businesses and communities. The Gogoro Network supports more than 524,000 riders and has more than 1.1 million smart batteries in circulation through its network of 12,200 battery swapping GoStations at over 2,504 locations. With more than 390,000 daily battery swaps and more than 370 million total battery swaps to date, Gogoro Network battery swapping has saved more than 250,000 tons of CO2 since it launched.



Founded in 2011 to rethink urban energy and inspire the world to move through cities in smarter and more sustainable ways, Gogoro leverages the power of innovation to change the way urban energy is distributed and consumed. Gogoro’s battery swapping and vehicle platforms offer a smart, proven and sustainable long-term ecosystem for delivering a new approach to urban mobility. Gogoro has quickly become an innovation leader in vehicle design and electric propulsion, smart battery design, battery swapping, and advanced cloud services that utilize artificial intelligence to manage battery availability and safety. The challenge is massive, but the opportunity to disrupt the status quo, establish new standards, and achieve new levels of sustainable transportation growth in densely populated cities is even greater. For more information, visit www.gogoro.com/news and follow Gogoro on Twitter: @wearegogoro.



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