The Taipei Bridge Ride

Video produced by the Gogoro Owners Club and used with permission. 

For months, Gogoro Owners have been telling us about wanting to ride Taipei Bridge - that is, to organize as many Smartscooter riders as possible to flood one of the most famous expressways for scooter commuters in Taipei.

While the word "flood" may sound like a commotion, the true intention was to show how different this bridge could be when packed with electric vehicles. Known for being crowded, hot, and humid, typical riders mask up and still suffer from the overwhelming odor of petrol emissions.  And if awakening those senses wasn't enough, the gas-powered motors rev and beep, rattling the most fierce eardrums.

On the cool Saturday morning of June 18th at 6:00am, in a event completely organized by the owners themselves, over 300 Smartscooters took to the bridge in an orderly line.  These riders inspire us not just for their group effort in coordinating the ride, but for proving that yes, it is possible for a place like Taipei Bridge to be neat, clean, and quiet.

Is this what the future could look like?

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