GoShare is Recognized as the 2023 Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurial Company of the Year.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents Company of the Year and Entrepreneurial Company of the Year awards to organizations that demonstrate excellence in terms of growth strategy and implementation. The awards recognize a high degree product and technology innovation as well as leadership in customer value and market penetration. The Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award looks at the market’s emerging players and recognizes the best practices that position them for future growth excellence.

“Gogoro GoShare combines the manufacturing expertise and battery swapping network of Gogoro with the ease of GoShare to incorporate customer-centric strategies, building strong brand equity and a sterling reputation, which elevates its leadership and status as a preferred partner in the market.”

Frost & Sullivan recognizes GoShare is a disruptive leader in the Asia-Pacific mobility sharing solutions industry, continually evolving and creating barriers for both existing competitors and new market entrants. Consumers enjoy an extended usable range, power output boosts, and enhancements to overall performance. 


Entrepreneurial Company of the Year
Mobility Sharing Solutions, Asia Pacific  –  Gogoro GoShare

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