Bonjour, Paris!

We are excited to announce that the Gogoro Smartscooter™ will be part of the Coup Scooter Sharing Service in Paris. Beginning this summer, 600 Smartscooters™ will be available in select central Paris districts.

Paris is one of the most congested cities in Europe with urban transport plagued by traffic problems, but it is also one of the top scooter cities in the world. We aim to deliver positive alternatives to urban mobility that can be available to all city residents. The service will be available to anyone with a Class B driver’s license or an international driver’s license and of legal age.

Coup, a subsidiary of Bosch, launched its e-scooter sharing service in Berlin in August 2016 with 200 Smartscooters™ and expanded to 1000 in March 2017.

We have received a lot of positive feedback for the COUP eScooter sharing in Berlin since launching last August. The opportunity to experience a city quickly, flexibly, and without any fuss on the stylish Gogoro Smartscooters has proven extremely popular. The success in Berlin is motivating us to bring greater mobility to another European capital, so today we are announcing our Paris launch this summer,” says Mat Schubert, CEO of Coup Mobility GmbH. 

By downloading the  Coup app, customers can locate and reserve the closest Smartscooter without any hassle. The app will be available in July in French for iOS and Android. The pricing model in Paris is straightforward and easy for users to calculate: users are charged in 30-minute increments, known as rides.

“Gogoro and Coup are focused on delivering new services that encourage consumer adoption of more sustainable transportation choices like the Smartscooter. The Coup escooter sharing model has been proven successful in Berlin and we are looking forward to introducing it in Paris this summer with the same success,” said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro.

The Coup sharing service aligns with Gogoro vision as a technology company, integrating innovation and sustainable energy to create new business models, services and products that will ignite urban residents and city governments to embrace sustainable energy and the new fuel of the future.

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