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Have you caught a Smartscooter in Berlin?

200 Smartscooters are now cruising the neighborhoods of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg in Berlin - have you been lucky enough to catch one? We've been seeing so many photos of Smartscooter spottings that we simply had to share a few.




A #Smartscooter featured in Coup's advertisement at Weinmeisterstraße U-Bahn station. Photo courtesy of Coup.



Team Gogoro and Coup in Berlin during the launch. From left to right, Allen Cheng (Gogoro), Dr. Julian Propstmeier (COUP), Robert Woloschanowski (COUP), Chia-Herng Han (Gogoro), Michael Wang (Gogoro), and Kevin Hsieh (Gogoro). Photo by Wish Wu (Gogoro).

If you're in Berlin and want to be one of the first to ride with COUP, leave your email at  to join the queue.





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