Gogoro Launches Smartscooters and Battery Swapping in the Philippines

Manila residents can now purchase or preorder a range of Gogoro Smartscooters and access Gogoro battery swapping across the city’s metro area. 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, DECEMBER 1, 2023 – Gogoro Inc. (Nasdaq: GGR), a global technology leader in battery-swapping ecosystems that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities, today announced the commercial launch and availability of its Smartscooters and battery swapping ecosystem in Manila, the Capital of the Philippines.

“Today is an important milestone in the transformation of urban mobility in the Philippines. Gogoro’s battery swapping and Smartscooters provide a positive path for Filipino consumers and businesses to embrace smart and sustainable transportation,” said Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro. “This is the culmination of like-minded companies coming together to form a groundbreaking partnership to address the sustainability and transportation challenges, like dense traffic, long commutes and mass pollution, that exist in the Philippines. We are honored to be partnering with Ayala, Globe and 917Ventures.”

Gogoro Philippines is a joint venture between Ayala Corporation, Globe’s 917Ventures and Gogoro. The Gogoro launch marks the climate tech debut of the Globe Group as it continues to deliver innovations that address Filipinos’ daily pain points. Together, the companies are introducing a new era in sustainable transportation that brings together smart, convenient and accessible two-wheel electric vehicles to customers.

"We are now witnessing a key turning point in the quest for sustainable and intelligent urban transportation in the Philippines," said Bernie Llamzon, President and CEO of Gogoro Philippines. "With Gogoro battery swapping, we are not only providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution for refueling but also embracing a lifestyle change that benefits our community and environment. We are proud to lead this charge and offer a glimpse into the future of mobility."

Gogoro Battery Swapping

Gogoro battery swapping is a new generation of swappable battery refueling that is smart, safe, and continually optimizing itself to be dynamic and versatile for riders, businesses, and communities. In Taiwan, the Gogoro Network supports nearly 600,000 riders and has more than 1.3 million smart batteries in circulation through its network of 12,000 battery swapping stations at over 2,500 locations. With more than 400,000 daily battery swaps and more than 500 million total battery swaps to date, Gogoro battery swapping has saved more than 770,000 tons of CO2 since it launched.

About Gogoro

Founded in 2011 to rethink urban energy and inspire the world to move through cities in smarter and more sustainable ways, Gogoro leverages the power of innovation to change the way urban energy is distributed and consumed. Recognized and awarded by Frost & Sullivan as the “2023 Global Company of the Year for battery swapping for electric two-wheel vehicles” and MIT Technology Review as one of “15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch” in 2023, Gogoro’s battery swapping and vehicle platforms offer a smart, proven, and sustainable long-term ecosystem for delivering a new approach to urban mobility. Gogoro has quickly become an innovation leader in vehicle design and electric propulsion, smart battery design, battery swapping, and advanced cloud services that utilize artificial intelligence to manage battery availability and safety. The challenge is massive, but the opportunity to disrupt the status quo, establish new standards, and achieve new levels of sustainable transportation growth in densely populated cities is even greater.

For more information, visit https://www.gogoro.com/news and follow Gogoro on Twitter: @wearegogoro.


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