Gogoro Opens New Concept Store in Taiwan, Reflecting Sustainability with Recycled Glass

We have opened a new Gogoro concept store in Zhudong, Taiwan, centered around recycled glass materials and our ongoing commitment to reuse sustainable materials.

In the design phase of every Gogoro store, we take time to review the opportunities available to create a positive impact on the environment through the new retail channel. This time through our Zhudong concept store, we found an opportunity with Taiwan's leading glass recycling company, Spring Pool Glass, to highlight the importance of a material’s second life.

To bring home this message, the concept store surrounds visitors with four types of recycled glass used in different futuristic design elements. They aim to invite discussion around how we can creatively reuse daily materials beyond their initial purpose. The recycled glass also reflects Gogoro’s principles behind managing each Smart Battery in the Gogoro Network - to find alternate ways to utilize them once each has fulfilled their primary role.

Our concept store design system, highlighting the uniqueness in four types of Recycled Glass.




Check out more photos below:

Service Counter, made with Recycled Glass Fragments.


Concept store walls constructed using Lightweight Insulation Blocks, which combine recycled glass and green building materials.


Outdoor Bench, built and decorated with Recycled Glass Bricks and Recycled Glass Sand.


Interior of concept store featuring an illuminated Gogoro infinity loop, reflecting Gogoro’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.


Wall of concept store featuring Gogoro Smartscooter accessories and merchandise.


Outdoor Gogoro Sign, specially crafted with Recycled Glass elements.


The new Zhudong Gogoro concept store, at night.