All You.

Electrifying Speed that
redefines what fast really
feels like.

Instant torque to stay ahead of the pack, and go the distance.

Power in Seconds

The wait is over, faster than gas pumps and plug-in charging. Battery Swapping is the simplest way to go.

Swap & Go
Swap & Go
Swap & Go

Swap to fresh, healthy batteries, and back on the road in seconds.

The GoStation.
Power-up pitstops across streets and cities.

Fast charging and super safe, each station supports hundreds of swaps per day. No more fumes, no more waiting.

The Smart Battery.
Power packs that last for miles and days.

High capacity cells packed in tough aluminum alloy. With data capabilities that keeps your ride's health in check.

The Gogoro Network
Go where you want

Hundreds and thousands of GoStation forms the Gogoro Network. Strategically deployed to cover the most important parts of your daily life.

Innovations that
riding safe and secured.

Lock and unlock with a simple key card tap, or a click of your phone.

The Smart Key.
Digital security for the digital age.

Bank-grade digital encoding means no more physical keys. Making your ride virtually invincible to theft.


Rain or shine, we keep you moving forward.

Waterproof batteries and no exhaust pipes, we keep you riding in heavy rain or in floods.

Dual Disk-Brakes
come standard.

Automobile headlight
for enhanced visibility.

Great smart features
year after year.

Constantly monitoring vehicle safety, optimizing performance, continually updating to newer, smarter features.

Our Super App

Helpful tools, intuitive controls, and all your riding information in one place, Gogoro App makes everyday riding easier.

Riding Dashboard

Riding status at a glance, check your mileage, or download new smart features.

Quick Functions

Make riding effortless. Lock, unlock, or locate your ride with one simple click,

The Gogoro Map

The multi-function in-App map helps you find GoStations, and locate your ride.

Tuned to You

Tweak your vehicle's lights, sounds, and riding performance.

Trip at a glance

Take a look at your riding habit, and use it as a guide for your battery subscription.

Proactive Safety Features

Smart Wet Mode

Turns on when the forecast indicates rain. Switching to a safer acceleration curve.

Auto Turn Signal

One less thing to think about. Blinkers turns off automatically when you complete a turn.

Make it cool. Make it chic.
Make It Yours !

Sounds like you, looks like you.

Sound Themes

Inspired by musics you love. Pick the tunes that fits you and let sound bring you joy as you ride.

Dashboard Colors

Spectrum loop dashboard use color to show speed and acceleration, it's also fully customizable.

Come Meet Gogoro

Gogoro Experience Center
Makati, Philippines

Explore and experience the latest in future mobility.

Book a test ride at the
Gogoro Experience Center


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