GoStation® and Smart Battery


The information on the touchscreen might vary due to the legal regulations or device, the information provided are only for the user’s convenience. Until further announcement by Gogoro, Gogoro Network® is not responsible for the integrity, correctness or effectiveness of the information provided.

Swapping smart batteries

  1. Park the vehicle safely besides a GoStation. Shut down the motor by extending the side stand.
  2. Open the seat.
  3. Pull out the smart battery by holding the smart battery handles. Support the smart battery with your other hand.
  4. Insert the smart battery into an empty GoStation® slot and push it in all the way until it’s locked and you hear a confirmation sound.
  5. If the screen says “Please insert your other smart battery”, pull out and insert the second smart battery by following step 3.
  6. After the smart battery(ies) are inserted successfully, fresh smart battery(ies) will pop out in a few seconds.
  7. Insert the fresh smart battery(ies) into your vehicle, unlock the vehicle, and you are ready to roll.

Assistance for persons with disabilities

To help persons with disabilities process smart battery swapping, please head to any available Gogoro store or service center, our staff will be there to help with the smart battery swapping

GoStation provides swappable smart batteries for immediate use, riders may receive smart batteries that are not fully charged.
If the original smart batteries inserted into the GoStation® by the rider have a higher charge level over all other smart batteries at that particular GoStation®, the original smart batteries will be returned.
Please make sure to swap smart batteries at least once every 30 days, if you plan to not use your vehicle for 30 days, please contact Gogoro Network and suspend your smart battery subscription plan.
Popped-out smart batteries will protrude 30 cm from the GoStation panel, so please keep clear a minimum 30 cm in front of GoStation when you are waiting for fresh smart batteries. Make sure all vehicles, objects, personnel and children stay clear to avoid being hit by the smart batteries.
Unless otherwise agreed, all Smart Batteries are Gogoro Network property provided to Powered by Gogoro Network® vehicle owners. Sensors and recording features of the smart batteries keep track of usage automatically, and use NFC function to collect and transfer data. In case any anomaly or safety concern is found and can be traced back to improper handling by a particular user, Gogoro Network® reserves the right to claim appropriate damage compensation.

High-Capacity Gogoro Network® Smart Batteries may cause risk of fire or electric shock if not properly handled. To ensure the safety of owners, riders and other personnel, please take extra care when using smart batteries:

  • It’s strictly forbidden to use the smart batteries in any way not approved by Gogoro Network®
  • Each smart battery weighs over 9 kg. Please handle with care.
  • Smart batteries may become hot after a certain period of use. Please pay attention when replacing them.
  • Make sure the Orientation-Agnostic Connector on each smart battery is clean and unobstructed. It’s strictly prohibited to short-circuit the connector with metal objects.
  • DO NOT dispose smart batteries to fire, heat or water, and DO NOT drop, strike or attempt to disassemble or destroy them.
  • DO NOT attempt to dismantle the smart batteries, or to alter their shape and/or structure.
  • DO NOT attempt to discharge the smart batteries.
  • DO NOT use any solvent or chemical agent on smart batteries.
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