Introducing the all new
GoCharger® Mobile

GoCharger® Mobile
The Most Ideal Way
to Power Up

Extend the Possibilities
Beyond Battery Swapping

Charge Anywhere
by Plugging In1
Charge Up 82%
In Just 6 Hours1

Ride up to 90 km2

Compatible with all
Gogoro 2 Series
Battery Service

Take a break,
then hit the road

Battery Sharing ,
is The Way To Go

  • Access the safest, most advanced Smart Batteries
  • Never worry about battery theft or repair costs3
  • Swap or charge - choose the way you power up
  • Receive the technology advancements as we upgrade our batteries.
  • Never pay to replace old batteries
  • Over GoStation Sites® operating 24/7

Battery Service Subscription

Gogoro Energy Network offers a dual swap and charge solution. Your monthly battery service subscription ensures your access to healthy, properly maintained, automotive-grade Smart Batteries. Never even think about having to pay to replace or repair a battery!

Swap or Charge -
Total Flexibility

Swap batteries in 6 seconds4 at any one of GoStation® around Taiwan, or charge through any standard wall outlet using the GoCharger® Mobile. The perfect dual combination of swap and charge solution - only experienced and enabled by the Gogoro Energy Network.

Best in Class
Smart Batteries

A combination of ground-breaking and patented innovation, Gogoro’s Smart Batteries outperform when it comes to usability, safety, power density, and efficiency - maximizing your range and ride experience.

GoCharger® Mobile

Safely Charge,
Every Time

Complete Protection

Temperature resistance, and protection from output overcurrent and short circuit.

Smart Detection

Connect through the iQ System™ to ensure you’re always safe to power up.

Charging Progress
via Gogoro® App

Stay connected with your Smartscooter® through the Gogoro® App. Check on battery charging status, as well as estimated remaining charge time.

Charging Status
via the Smart Dash

The Smart Dash will indicate charging status by loops, signaling when charging will start and when it completes.

  • Supported Models
    • Gogoro 2 Series
  • Power
    • Input voltage: 110V AC
    • Maximum input current: 4.5A
    • Maximum output power: 400W
  • Interface
    • Status indicator: Gogoro 2 Smart Dash and Gogoro® App push notification
  • Dimension
    • Enclosure material: aluminum
    • Operation temperature: -10 ~ 45°C
    • Dimension:230 x 153 x 83.4 mm (not including rubber bumper)
    • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • 1. Internet authentication via iQ System TM and Gogoro® App is required before charging could be initiated.
  • 2. Under the test condition with fine and windless weather, the whole weight (including 1 rider) of SmartscooterTM totaling 175 kg or less (Gogoro 1 Series), or 185 kg or less (Gogoro 2 Series), the tire pressure set to factory setting and 2 batteries fully charged, riding on a normal asphalt road, and using a common GPS speedometer, we collected the data of speed, time and mileage to test the following performance items with some additional conditions: max. riding range per battery swap: rode at 40 km/h continuously, until the electricity ran out.
  • 3. Please refer to the Battery Service Agreement for terms and conditions of “Battery lost and damage compensation waiver”
  • 4. The time between battery pair is inserted to a new pair is released.