Gogoro 2 Utility

A Smarter Solution for Next-Gen Logistics

Gogoro invites everyone to join the green logistic and transportation evolution, our system is built on a smart operation mindset that helps companies to easily adopt electric vehicles, so we can all lead the change towards a better future.

Partnering with world-leadinglogistic experts.

  • As the global market leader in the logistics industry, DHL chooses Gogoro Smartscooter™ as the integral part of their parcel transactions. Delivering with speed and accuracy while staying clean and silent.

  • Chunghwa Post chooses Gogoro Smartscooter™ as their solution to build their green electric vehicle fleet, and plan to upgrade their entire fleet to electric within the next 7 years.

Battery Swapping Make the most out of electric vehicle

Gogoro Energy Network provides instant energy with battery swapping speed that’s unbeatable by today’s standards of charging or refueling. Saving precious time to help generate higher revenue.

Swap and Go

Gogoro’s Smart Battery automatically syncs with every Smartscooter®, the system is cashless and auto-authenticated with every swap, from in to out, you’ll be back on the road in 6 seconds.

Gogoro Energy Network®

Gogoro operates over 637+ GoStation® across Taiwan, and it’s network expansion targets to reach 1,000 stations by the end of the year. With this dense and robust network up and running, corporations could easily save cost on charge-point installation, operations, and maintenance.

Battery Subscription Management

Your monthly battery subscription is fixed and automatically calculated to help make financial management easier.

Standardized Maintenance Costs

Gogoro 2 Series uses mass-market parts that are easily accessible and fairly priced. Businesses can fix and maintain their vehicles the ways that fit them best.

Superior Payload

Expandable and customizable, Gogoro 2 Utility is the perfect two-wheel vehicle that delivers the agility necessary to move through tight cities, without the noise and pollution.

Built for Heavy Lifting

Designed to carry commercial cargos, the vehicle is built to carry up to 160 kilos, the specially designed rear carrying rack can easily hold up to 45 kilos, unmatched by other vehicles of it's class.

Smooth Delivery

Gogoro 2 Utility utilizes it’s high-efficiency motor, coupled with the specially tuned suspension system to delivers a smooth, powerful, stable riding experience.

Load it Up

Smart additional assistive functions that relieves stress and strains from all that heavy liftings.

Strengthened dual side stands made to bring extra stability during parking, making every stop and go quicker and easier.
A click of a button brings your vehicle backward at a comfortable pace. An extra level of maneuverability out of those tight parking spots.

We’ve got your back

Gogoro 2 Utility’s safety features and our roadside assistance customer service comes in our standard service package, so you can stay worry-free.

Dual Disk Brakes

Powerful and responsive, Gogoro 2 Utility’s dual disk brakes ensure safety and security during braking when fully loaded.

Synchronized Braking System

Gogoro’s innovative Synchronised Braking System delivers simultaneous braking force to the front and rear wheels, balancing stopping force to reduce slips when hard braking or during panic stops.

Roadside Assistance and Customer Service

Gogoro offers 24 hours roadside assistance within warranty, our professional team is always on standby to get you back on track

Expandability that creates business opportunities

Gogoro 2 Utility Specs >
Logistic and Mail Services

Customized cargo rack will store and protect your mails and packages, so they arrive timely and safe.

Food and Beverage Delivery

From hot to cold, we have the perfect storage solution that helps you deliver the quality products you have, in exactly the way you need.


Flexible space capable of fitting packages of different shapes and sizes. Additional visual identity will help serve as advertisement and brand awareness on the road.

Fit, Mount, Accessorize
'From visual identity to additional space, our dedicated modification service team is here to provide suggestions and help customize your Gogoro 2 Utility line.'