Fall in love with fast.

Every detail tuned to express and perform,
the S Performance kits help unleash the racer in you, with modules that help enhance at every level.

S Performance AXM

Small changes can make big impacts. Look sharper, turn sharper, with the S Performance AXM.

Athletic Look

Carbon fiber accessories, stylized shields, adjustable brake handles, and aluminum mud-guards, all here to help you turn heads.

Sharp Agility

Lighter, can also be a strength. With aluminum wheels, suspensions and gears, make your ride quicker and more responsive.

Precision Control

Extract even more performance with floating disk brakes, sport brake-pads, adjustable suspensions, and tires designed specifically for electric acceleration.

S Performance Glory

Record, awards, the ride that’s breaking new grounds with every race. The S Performance marked the begining of our relationship with the TSC Championship, and the Championship edition opened up a new era.

In the third stop of the TSR Electric Vehicle Regulations Competition, Gogoro S3, which was just released, won the championship as well as the runner-up.
TSR hosted the first championship-level electric vehicle competition. The two riders from the Gogoro Team Lin Bocheng No. 17 and Zheng Lisheng No. 33, participated with Gogoro S2 the latest vehicle at the time, and won the championship.
The first EV "Asia Cup" held by TSR, using the Gogoro S as the spec-vehicle, professional drivers from 6 countries competed together, with a total of 15 riders participated, further moving Taiwan's motorcycle sport into the electric era.
A total of 60 colleges and more than 150 constants participated in the UCRR race, Gogoro initiated cooperation with UCRR (University Campus of Road Racing), elites sent by 15 colleges and universities competed together using the Gogoro S as the specification vehicle. The collaboration created the first ever record of unified specification electric scooter race in Taiwan.
Runner-Up in the First TSR National Motorcycle Championship participation.
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