Built to Surpass
Gogoro S1


Pure power in an instant. Super fast. Ultra smooth. Unbelievably nimble. Infinitely more refined. This is riding on an entirely new level.

0-50 KM/H*
Max Acceleration
kW @
5,000 RPM
Motor Output
at the wheel
Max Torque

Perfectly Stealth

Every surface has been poured-over, polished, and crafted to elevate you beyond the everyday. Built for the few who are constantly seeking more.

Infinity Dashboard

By unifying every surface in a suite of all-black finishes, it delivers even greater focus on the brilliant full-spectrum display.

S Performance Seat

Dual-texture design featuring high grip material gives you even greater control during the most aggressive racing maneuvers.

S Performance Aluminum Floor Guard

Premium Titanium-Black aluminum floor guard provides extra traction during the most intense riding maneuvers.

Mirror Black Rims

6-spoke rims in high-gloss Mirror Black finish captures the fluid reflections of every streetlight it blurs past.

Ultra-Light, Ultra-Strong

Inspired from supercars and jet-fighters, Aeroframe™ chassis is crafted from racing-grade aluminum. It’s ultra-light and incredibly strong for unmatched balance and agility making engineering elevated to an art form.

Our Aeroframe™ monocoque construction forges sheets of aluminum into a seamless frame, maximizing performance and strength.

Precision aluminum blends is designed to achieve maximum rigidity while keeping the vehicle extremely light weight. It’s the perfect recipe for racing performance.

While other frames are welded, ours are precision bonded with aerospace adhesive. Heat-cured and tempered for exceptional strength and stiffness.

Be First

We’ve performance-tuned our entire drive train to unleash torque like never before. Specialized G1-S Performance motor and racing-grade carbon belts make it faster, more efficient. Pure power just turn green lights into your launch pads.

Ready For What’s Next.

Use the Gogoro® App not only to luck up your bike, use it to tailor your Gogoro’s performance and look.

iQ System® Update

Gogoro continuously updates the firmware to keep your ride future-facing.


Keep your scooter secure with facial recognition, fingerprint sensors and a passcode. This is security redefined.

Personalized Style

Tweak the color of your Smart Dash and play with the sound your Gogoro makes when it turns on-there’s countless ways to make your Gogoro S1 your own.

Quick, Swap, Go!

GoStation® racks* at your service.

Icy Grey
Graphite Grey



Icy Grey / Graphite Grey


7.2 kW @ 5,000 rpm


27/202 Nm @ 0-2,250 rpm


1,730 x 690 x 1,035 mm


Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt with stretch-free tensile cords


3.7 sec


4 piston calipers


Adjustable front / rear suspensions


iQ System® Smart Keycard / Smartphone / Apple Watch


Aeroframe™ aluminum monocoque chassis


SBS (Synchronized braking system)


24.5 L

  • The Photos may not represent actual Smartscooter™. Accessories and color may vary.
  • iQ system® Smart Keycard, Gogoro® App and smartphone connection required.
  • GoStation herein this page refer to the number of GoStation racks, which consist of 8 to 10 battery slots.
  • The number includes GoStation® racks and sites both in operation and currently under construction. Depending on Gogoro GoStation® site accurate locations announcements.
  • On a sunny day with fair wind conditions, with the tire pressure set to factory setting and batteries fully charged, a 63 kg rider performs the road test on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. A Gogoro personnel collects the speed, time and mileage using a commercial GPS speedometer.
  • Max. speed and acceleration testing condition: riding with Sport Activation on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. Additionally, for scooter models that are equipped with Super Boost mode (e.g.,Gogoro S1), testing is done with Super Boost mode also turned on.
  • Max. riding range per battery swap: riding at speed of 30 km/h continuously on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline until the electricity ran out.
  • Optional accessories are available for purchase on all Smartscooter® models. Government rules and regulations may affect the legality of said accessories. By purchasing these accessories, you expressly acknowledge and agree to assume such risks.
  • Gogoro Inc. reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice. All data in regards to performance, test results or distance are for reference only, and they may vary due to other factors.
  • Violation of anti-noise regulations are subject to tickets and fines.
  • Please refrain from using Super Boost Mode or Sport Activation in residential areas between the hours of 9pm and 7am.
  • Gogoro Inc., Gogoro VIVA™, Gogoro Smartscooter™, Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter™ & Gogoro Network® are all registered trademarks of Gogoro, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©2019