Designed by her, for her

Designed not just "for her" but "by her"

Of the 13 million bikers in Taiwan, about 6 million are women who ride the streets of the island every day. Although there is no shortage of female-only two-wheeled products on the market, most of them are designed from the male perception of women's needs, resulting in brighter colors and smaller bikes, but in reality there has never been a motorcycle designed from the female perspective. Now, Gogoro Delight, the first ever female-led electric motorcycle in Taiwan, has been launched, and the 11 female Gogoro teammates who have come together for the new Gogoro Delight are here to talk about the joy and stories they have brought to this smart electric motorcycle.

Lindsay (left), Gogoro's CMF Design, and Jasmine (right), "By Her" Project Lead of the Gogoro Women's Team, discuss the spirit and core value of the Gogoro Delight model. 

Change, for you

Back in August 2018, Gogoro launched the Gogoro 2 Delight Pink - Pink Attack for the first time for women, changing the Gogoro 2 Delight to a bright metallic pink color and continuing the features and textures of the Gogoro 2 Series Deluxe, with a lowered seat height. The Gogoro 2 Delight Pink was an attempt to meet the needs of women's bikes, both in terms of the power-saving center column and the exclusive limited equipment, which generated a lot of buzz in the market at the time. However, the Gogoro 2 Delight Pink is still too large for women to use as a girl's car. However, Gogoro also learned from this experience and developed a new concept, and this time the new Gogoro Delight is focused on women.

Turning a pain point into a bright spot

So what kind of electric motorcycle do women need?

According to Fion, the store manager who serves customers at the front of the store every day, women are not only concerned about the appearance of the product, but also about the weight and height of the bike, and more importantly, the comfort of driving. Lydia, who is in charge of planning the retail experience, agrees that it is in the nature of girls to "go by their feelings" and that the ability to maintain a comfortable ride is the key to female consumers' willingness to buy a bike.

These observations from her frontline partners led Jasmine, who works as a product manager at Gogoro, to ponder what a female-friendly e-scooter might look like, and with a dreamer's personality, she took on the task of revamping the Gogoro 2 Delight with the success of the Gogoro VIVA and Gogoro VIVA MIX. "On the first day of the project, I brought in a number of female partners from the company and set up a meeting room, listing all the features we thought girls would like to have on one side of the whiteboard, and writing down the pain points girls encounter on motorcycles on the other side, to think of possible ways to solve each pain point. Facing women who are very sensitive to their feelings, Jasmine tackled the pain points by starting with how to make women feel good, so we that they can step on the bike with confidence and ease, enjoy the ride, and arrive at their destination safely, and compiled them into three perceptions that women care most about.

Back in 2021, the Gogoro team gathered dozens of female employees in a conference room to develop prototype and exchange ideas about the ideal female two-wheeled look.

Embrace, lightness

For women, ease means beauty, and lightness means ease, so the pursuit of lightness has become one of the goals for girls to practice beauty. "If operating this vehicle today is a struggle, I may feel a lot of pressure. So I want the Gogoro Delight to be effortless to use, which will make the owner's life more beautiful and relaxed. Jasmine's aim is to create a lightweight riding experience for women, and to achieve this, the Gogoro Delight has been reduced in weight, made smaller, and has a lowered saddle height.

Fion, the Gogoro Store Manager, and Lydia, who is establish the Gogoro retail experience, observed from women's daily needs that motorcycles suitable for women need to be smaller and take into account the seat height factor.

Lisa, a mechanical engineer who specializes in designing saddles and storage systems, told us that the seat surface of the saddle is not only flatter, but also wider to match the shape of the girl, and the slope of the front edge of the saddle allows the girl to sit more firmly and comfortably with her feet on the ground without squeezing her inner thighs when she stops for the red light. The Gogoro Delight not only has a more suitable saddle for women, but has also developed an innovative AIRCUSH™ cushioning trim to give women more leg room. Women ride with their feet closer together and their knees more forward, perhaps because of their clothing, their body shape, or the need to carry people. In view of this, Jasmine proposed the idea of adding knee pads, and left it to Kate, the romantic and rational engineering project manager, to assess the feasibility: "My task is to allow the design and engineering sides to work together to get things done, and to move as far as possible in the direction of the dream, within the limits of cost and time. Kate's words speak to the difficulty of balancing ideals and reality. Looking back on the development of the AIRCUSH™ cushion, Jasmine admits that she had her doubts about the need for knee pads, but it wasn't until she received feedback from current owners and saw images of women riding with their knees up on the road that she was able to verify the use of the AIRCUSH™ cushion. Speaking of lightness, the Gogoro Delight also comes with a power-saving center post and a reverse assist mode that has been well-received since its introduction. The new Gogoro Delight also comes with a power-saving tractor mode as standard, making the hassle of tractor-trailing through narrow alleys and crowded parking spaces an easy and effortless experience.

The AIRCUSH™ cushioned trim is one of the key features of the Gogoro Delight, a lightweight highlight realized by Gogoro Mechanical Engineering Lisa and Gogoro Engineering Kate.

"In addition to catering to women's riding needs, we also want to encourage women to explore the most relaxing moments of their lives with the Gogoro Delight. This is what Lindsay, the color texture designer, told us. Since the Gogoro Delight has to be a part of the owner's life story, it is not just a vehicle, but an empathetic partner. For this reason, Lindsay has created four colors based on emotion: Brilliant Blue, which symbolizes self-discovery; Lucent Green, which represents the uniqueness of women; Nude Gold, which is a symbol of freedom and relaxation; and Pure White, which symbolizes the purest nature of the car.

Lindsay, the CMF Design of Gogoro, has created the Gogoro Delight, a unique color that is based on sensory and conversion of life experience.

Love, Ritual

In the process of trying to make themselves better, contemporary women do not forget to live with more quality, because the so-called ritual can help them gain stability in the uncertainty. In other words, ritual is the best buffer to help women face their uncertainties. If the AIRCUSH™ cushion is Gogoro Delight's cushion for women's riding discomfort, then the Gogoro Delight scent box and lettering is a cushion for women's emotions. "Whenever I encounter a product that I haven't come across before, such as the new sun dress, I will study the different stitching methods and even stay at home to try out my own ideas and then give them back to the project manager and the manufacturer. Kristin, a product designer who laughs that she is in fact obsessed with handcrafting, is the main designer of the fragrance bag pattern design, helmets and other women's peripheral products. For her, this is a hobby and a ritual about her work.

Kristin, the Merchandise Design of Gogoro , offers a unusual perspective on the design of the fragrance bag, the Gogoro SMART COIN leather lanyard, and the Gogoro helmet to give female consumers a lovely sense of ritual riding.

On the other hand, in order to respond to the different looks of women, visual designer Constance has tried many different font styles, including handsome, smooth, round, elegant... The "Delight" chrome lettering on the side of the Gogoro Delight has a sense of vitality that is not defined by any label, and the unrestrained fluidity of the lines is the ideal epitome of freedom for many women. Asked about the Gogoro Delight's little ritual for female owners, Constance points to the inside of the saddle attached to the car, which reads "Have a delightful ride". "The first thing you do on a bike is usually open the car, and when you see this, it's like Gogoro Delight is saying hello to you. Jasmine says. In addition, Gogoro Delight also optimized the original interior lights by adjusting the position and height of the lamp holder and upgrading the original upright interior lights to a better quality, wider illumination range, and more dead-angle-free interior U-shaped lights, giving more room to find objects inside the car. In addition to the above-mentioned ritualistic design, a closer look at the Gogoro Delight's features include the metallic closable cup holder on the left front, the antibacterial handlebar and interior space, as well as the stylized sound effects and the color of the theme dashboard aperture, all of which are wonderful details that add to the joy of living.

Gogoro Visual Design Constance is the key person of this "Delight" character design.

Good to have and feel safe

While women often play the role of caregiver in a stable society, they also desire security in every aspect of their lives. From a woman's point of view, although electric motorcycles are less hot and noisy than petrol bikes, the traffic environment in Taiwan is not very cyclist-friendly, which makes women feel more or less safe when riding, such as worrying about the safety of riding in the rain when the road is wet and slippery, or being worried about the darkness of the parking environment at night. The Gogoro Delight not only supports the TCS anti-skid system, which was introduced this year, but also has a built-in TPMS tire pressure detection system, which allows owners to control tire pressure at all times and upgrade safety. On the way home, the Class D LED automotive headlamps with a larger angle and brighter light will guide the way home, as well as the new Peace of Mind escort light function as standard, which allows female owners to adjust the light delay off time through the APP setting to light up the dark night and arrive home safely.

The Gogoro Delight is equipped with automotive-grade Class D LED headlights and the TCS anti-skid system, which protects female owners on every journey.

With Gogoro Delight, it feels good

When an electric motorcycle like the Gogoro Delight comes to market with a more feminine perspective on color, appearance, space, performance, size and weight, it is not only a milestone for Gogoro itself, but also the beginning of a more female-friendly ride. In addition to being sensitive to women, Lydia, which plans the consumer experience in its stores, has also planned a special Delight test ride experience for all of its stores in Taiwan, from the intimate sunscreen and antibacterial fragrance to all the details that women care about when riding, and has created a SPA-level five-sensory test ride experience specifically for female riders, so that you can ride at your own pace and feel good. 

From supermarkets and parking lots to convenience stores, there are currently 11,327 GoStation® battery exchange cabinets and more than 2,303 battery exchange stations across Taiwan, preparing for more women to use them. Joey, who is responsible for communicating and optimizing the Gogoro Network battery exchange experience, and Mujou, who is responsible for expanding the ubiquity of the energy platform at Gogoro Solutions, said that Gogoro Network not only has a trusted engineering team working behind the scenes to set up the stations, but also considers the convenience and safety of female owners. The stations are deployed in the public life circle, near supermarkets and department stores, and the battery exchange environment is comfortable and bright, so you can replenish your car's energy and do your daily shopping at the same time.

In addition to the thoughtful design of the Gogoro Delight, Mujou (left) at Gogoro Solutions and Joey (right) at Gogoro Network Marketing see women's switching needs as key to the GoStation® footprint.

On the last mile to the launch of Gogoro Delight, we could still see the female partners on the road. The Gogoro Delight is the first of its kind in the world, and the Gogoro Delight is the first of its kind in the world. Gogoro Delight

During the last mile of the Gogoro Delight's birth, Huiqi, who was responsible for the assembly of the production line, took care of every detail, just to make every female owner feel good because of the Gogoro Delight's company.