2018 - A Year of Rapid Growth

Generating a new wave of electric vehicle trend. Here’s a recap of Gogoro’s Top 10 Milestone of the year:

2018 represents a year with the fastest growth rate of electric vehicle adoption, lead by Gogoro, there is a big shift in the overall perception and acceptance of electric vehicles, the market responded well to the battery swapping concept, an energy refueling method that proved to be faster and easier than tradition tethered charging and gasoline pumps.


Here’s a recap of Gogoro’s top 10 milestones in 2018:


[ 1 ] 120,000 vehicle sold, challenging the traditional gasoline scooter market.

In just 3 years, Gogoro has successfully entered the 125cc mainstream scooter market, and accumulated 123,432 Smartscooter owners by the end of 2018. This shows that electric vehicles will soon become the main consideration during new vehicle purchases.


[ 2 ] 109% growth year-to-year,  a record breaking electric scooter sales number in Taiwan.

Even when the overall scooter market shrank by 15% between 2017 to the end of 2018, sales of the Gogoro Smartscooter grew by 109%, even reaching 13% overall scooter market share in November.


[ 3 ] Yamaha, A-Motor, PGO, joins the battery swapping alliance lead by Gogoro.

Gogoro has accumulated more than 25 million batter swaps, demonstrating stability and accessibility of the battery swapping concept, this gave confidence to traditional scooter makers such as Yamaha, A-Motor and PGO, each announcing plans to leverage Gogoro’s vehicle technology, smart batteries, and the battery swapping infrastructure, to design and deliver new electric vehicles by the second half of 2019.


[ 4 ] Over 1,000 GoStation locations built, with a target of Around-the-Island travel by Q1 2019.

Gogoro has been building on average 2 GoStation locations per day in 2018, and will soon reach 1,000 GoStation locations all around Taiwan. By the end of Q1 next year, Smartscooter riders subscribed to Gogoro’s battery swapping network will be able to find a GoStation within 5 minutes of riding distance from any point in the city. In collaboration with convenience store chains such as 7-11, Hi-Life, PX Mart, and gas station giant such as CPC, Gogoro’s battery swapping will be even more accessible than ever before.


[ 5 ] GoStation enters East Taiwan, soon with Taiwan-wide coverage.

Gogoro owners and consumers has been patiently waiting for us to start the deployment of GoStation on the east side of Taiwan. As of August, 2018, Gogoro has built sales locations, service & maintenance locations, and GoStation locations in the east Taiwan, inviting everyone around Taiwan to join the smart energy revolution.


[ 6 ] “The largest electric scooter parade”, officially a Guinness World Record.

1,303 Smartscooter owners gathered together on the morning of October 7th, parading silently across the Taipei Bridge, this event is documented and recognized by the Guinness World Record as “The largest electric scooter parade”, showing the growing market potential of electric vehicles to the world.


[ 7 ] Gogoro Smartscooter becomes the first vehicle ever to adopt both tethered charging and battery swapping on the same vehicle platform.

In order to accelerate the adaptation of electric vehicles, Gogoro introduced the GoCharger® Mobile, a plug-in charger installed optionally on Smartscooters, making Gogoro Smartscooter vehicles the first to ever be refueled by both battery swapping and plug-in tethered charging.


[ 8 ] Entering the commercial vehicle territory, Gogoro partners with DHL Taiwan, introducing its first business enterprise solution for vehicles and battery subscription.

With the announcement of Gogoro 2 Utility, a Smartscooter built for commercial customization, Gogoro can now help businesses reduce their carbon foot print. Gogoro will be partnering with DHL and the Taiwan Post Office to create greener delivery fleets.


[ 9 ] Gogoro becomes the first brand to ever achieve runner up for Japan’s annually held “Good Design Award”.

Gogoro stood out from 5,000 design applicants around the world to receive recognition from the 2018 Good Design Award, becoming the first ever brand from Taiwan to win a second place for the best design of the year.


[10] Expanding to global market with the introductions of multiple scooter-sharing partnerships.

After the well received launch of the Smartscooter ride-sharing program in Berlin and Paris, Gogoro will partner with the Sumitomo Corporation Japan, and introduce new ride-sharing services in Spain and Japan. With over 4,000 Smartscooter vehicle serving multiple ride-sharing services over seas, Gogoro is introducing new technology and business models to help alleviate urban congestion and increase access to sustainable mobility around the world.

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