Transitioning Traditional Scooter Stores

Gogoro Smartscooters will soon be present inside thousands of traditional scooter shops and will be selling them alongside common scooters.

Since last year, Gogoro has actively cooperated with traditional scooter shops to set up Smartscooter promotion stations. Most of the traditional scooter shops are optimistic about the government's trade-in policy of four-stroke scooters this year, and have expressed their willingness to join Gogoro’s Go Partner Program. The shops have actively participated in the briefing and more than 180 have agreed to join the Go Partner program in Q1. The Go Partner stations are expected to exceed 1,000 stations by the end of this year, which allows the public to get more in touch with electric scooters near their homes.

Yen-Yang Chen, senior marketing director at Gogoro, said, “Gogoro is actively expanding to more diversified sales channels. In addition to going to official Gogoro Stores to purchase Smartscooters, consumers will see more Gogoro vehicles at traditional scooter shops in the future. This will allow the general public to be closer to electric scooters, and helps transform traditional scooter shops. Not only will they be in line with future trends, but people that get their old gas scooters fixed at traditional scooter shops will catch on to the government's trade-in policy, making this a win-win for everyone.”

Gogoro 加強傳統車行通路計畫,稱年底前進軍1000 家- INSIDE

Since its launch in 2019, more than one thousand scooter shops have expressed their willingness to join Gogoro’s Go Partner program. The establishment of the Go Partner Station has a low threshold, so that traditional scooter shops can sell electric scooters without having to take on the pressure of product inventory. Gogoro will also offer assistance such as providing basic auxiliary goods and hosting educational training. After the launch of the program, shop owners all over Taiwan have enthusiastically signed up to join the program, and there will be over 150 planned briefings for the first half of this month. It can be seen that traditional scooter shops are optimistic about the development of the electric scooter market and are willing to sell them alongside traditional scooters.

Gogoro will hold nearly 20 briefing sessions for the Go Partner program in March.

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