Battery Swapping Smart Vehicle

Circling the Globe

Last August, the first Gogoro Smartscooters® were released onto the streets of Taipei.

Now, with more than 7,000 Smartscooters® on the road, we’re excited to announce we have reached an important milestone: our riders have logged a total of 10 million kilometers. This equates to circumnavigating the globe 250 times, and more importantly represents a savings of nearly 48 million liters of gasoline or 800 metric tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from 287 tons of landfill waste.*

This milestone was made possible by our strong community who has helped us evolve the Gogoro Energy Network broadly throughout northern Taiwan with countless recommendations and suggestions. Requests to add swappable battery stations, called GoStations, around specific subway stations, cafes, and convenience stores are being fulfilled every day and the network has now grown to nearly 180 stations. You can find a battery charging station every 1.3 kilometers in Taipei and 7,000 battery swaps are happening every day.

The outpouring of support from fans, owners, and early adopters has been the most rewarding (and creative!) to watch. Just recently, a group of inspired owners created this video as they documented their visits to over 100 GoStations in 48 hours. And nearly 600 beautiful images were posted on Instagram as a commitment to clean air during the #HelloEarth event that dovetailed Earth Day.


Courtesy of Instagrammer @tokyotopten


Courtesy of Instagrammer @amytravelife

But this is just the beginning.

While the Gogoro Smartscooter® continues to take off in Taiwan, we’re continuing to think bigger. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing several new and improved products and some exciting announcements on our expansion.

With every kilometer, our belief in the power to change the world through smart energy is being validated. And we’re excited to have you along with us on this ride.

*Measurement taken from the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator,

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