China Motor Corporation Partners with Gogoro To Build eMOVING branded Scooters That use Gogoro Network Battery Swapping

eMOVING, a Global Electric Scooter Pioneer, Becomes Fifth Gogoro Vehicle Maker and Plans to Release First Gogoro Network-Powered Electric Scooter in the Fourth Quarter of 2021
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - November 26, 2020 - Gogoro® a technology leader transforming how innovation is accelerating the shift to sustainable urban mobility, today announced that China Motor Co. (CMC), the creator of the eMOVING scooter brand, will be joining the Powered by Gogoro Network® (PBGN) program to develop its own unique eMOVING scooters that use Gogoro’s world leading battery swapping.

“We are proud to be partnering with a global e-scooter pioneer like CMC’s eMOVING brand. Gogoro and CMC share a similar vision for developing a clean transportation future for the people of Taiwan and around the world,” said Horace Luke, founder and CEO, Gogoro Inc. “We created the Gogoro Network to be a battery swapping system that all electric vehicle makers can join if they choose and today Gogoro Network has managed more than 135 million battery swaps across its network.”

The Gogoro Network is a sustainable smart city ecosystem for electric vehicle battery swapping that is available to vehicle makers that want to provide their customers with a cleaner, faster and superior electric refueling experience. With more than 30 two-wheel vehicle models from six manufacturers including Yamaha, Aeonmotor, PGO, eReady, Gogoro and now eMOVING, the Gogoro Network has become the world’s largest battery swapping platform for vehicles.

In addition to its new Gogoro Network-powered electric scooters expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021, CMC will continue to offer customers diversified choices with its own fast-charging and home-charging scooters.

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