eMoving joins the PBGN alliance of smart electric Gogoro scooters

An LEV Platform for All: CMC's eMOVING Joins PBGN Alliance

CMC’s eMOVING is the latest vehicle maker to join the PBGN Alliance

We’re proud to announce that CMC’s eMOVING has joined the Powered by Gogoro Network’ (PBGN) alliance. Introduced in August 2019, PBGN makes it easier for two- and three-wheeled vehicle makers to make the switch to electric and gives consumers more options to choose from when shopping for a smart light electric vehicle. 

“We are proud to be partnering with a global e-scooter pioneer like CMC’s eMOVING brand. Gogoro and CMC share a similar vision for developing a clean transportation future for the people of Taiwan and around the world,” said Horace Luke, founder and CEO, Gogoro Inc. “We created the Gogoro Network to be a battery swapping system that all electric vehicle makers can join if they choose. Today Gogoro Network has managed more than 140 million battery swaps across its network.”

Since the program was introduced just over a year ago, Yamaha, Aeonmotor, eReady, PGO, and now CMC’s eMOVING have all joined together in accelerating the shift to smarter cleaner cities.

The Gogoro Network was built to be a platform and ecosystem that drives participation, collaboration, and innovation within the micromobility and energy industries. It’s a focused effort that is part of the building blocks of a smarter, more energy-efficient city.

By sharing Gogoro’s innovations in intelligent drivetrains and the Gogoro Network’s battery swapping technology and infrastructure, we all get to move forward together.

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