Gogoro at EICMA in Milan, Italy

 Gogoro is introducing the new Gogoro S model, a new Smartscooter model that will be on display in Milan, Italy at EICMA, the international motorcycle and scooter show, beginning today. 

 The Gogoro S is the first product coming out of the newly unveiled Gogoro Performance Lab, an advanced innovation division within Gogoro that is dedicated to pushing innovation and design further into the future, faster. The Performance Lab makes leaps in design and engineering by creating fresh stylized limited runs of bespoke Gogoro product through accelerated product design processes. Design and features include:

More power & acceleration

  • NEW MOTOR - Gogoro G1 S Motor
  • FASTER: Enhanced Acceleration - 3.7 0-50 km/hr (Regular Gogoro: 4.2km/hr)
  • MORE POWERFUL: Motor Output - 7.2 kW @ 5,000 RPM (Regular Gogoro: 6.4 kW)
  • QUICKER: Max Torque - 202Nm at the wheel (Regular Gogoro: 161 Nm)

 Upgraded braking and suspension system 

  • Upgraded braking system with bigger disk brake and a double-acting 4-piston front caliper
  • For the first time ever, our inverted single piston front suspension can be tuned to your exact specification
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.48.04 AM.png

Design - Born In The Dark

From the polished dashboard to the graphite toned chassis, every detail of the Gogoro S has been dressed to stun:

  • Every curved surface of the Gogoro S has been coated in Matte Graphite, right down to the sleek controls
  • The distinctive 6-spoke rims have been dipped and treated to a high-gloss Mirror Black finish
  • The Gogoro Aeroframe™ chassis is powder coated from tip to tail in our ultra-tough Graphite grey

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.46.11 AM.png
From the show floor of EICMA 2016

Now, with 15,000 scooters on the streets of Taiwan and interest from cities around the world, it is exciting to be back this year at EICMA to hear our visitors talk about their understanding of the Gogoro Energy Network and battery swapping technology. 

If you are at EICMA this year, please stop by. We'd love to say hello.

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