Horace Luke Gogoro CEO battery swapping

Gogoro CEO Horace Luke Chats With the BBC About Battery Swapping and The Future of EVs in China

Gogoro CEO and founder Horace Luke recently spoke with the BBC's Cindy Sui about the impact battery swapping will have on the landscape of megacities in Asia as electric vehicle adoption continues to rise worldwide

With few places to park and even fewer places to charge in cities across Asia, 2W electric vehicle makers are turning to Gogoro's battery swapping solution to power the next wave of urban transportation.

As China pushes for carbon neutrality by 2060, Gogoro and its partners, DCJ and Yadea, will play a significant role in converting the hundreds of millions of legacy 2W EVs with cleaner, safer and smarter vehicles powered by Gogoro's ultra-fast battery swapping technology.

As more Gogoro battery swapping stations come online in cities across China and India next year, the path to more sustainable urban living for all is just a swap away. 

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