Gogoro CEO Horace Luke makes an appearance on CNBC

Gogoro CEO Horace Luke Talks Battery Swapping, Range Anxiety, Sustainability, New Projects and More on CNBC

With global partnerships in India and China announced in the last month, Horace Luke, Gogoro CEO, speaks with Sri Jegarajah and Martin Soong of CNBC’s Squawk Box

Two-wheelers are the primary mode of transportation for hundreds of millions globally and as megacities continue to grow, so will the need for smarter and safer electric refueling that benefits everyone. That’s why we’ve made two-wheelers our focus. It’s where we can have the most impact.

“Fundamentally, we look at electric mobility very differently than everyone else,” Gogoro CEO Horace Luke tells CNBC. “Gogoro is a technology company but at the heart of it, we’re really an energy refueling company.”

Gogoro’s battery swapping network of conveniently located GoStations add a safe and scalable infrastructure and eliminates range anxiety for urban two-wheel riders.   

Battery Swapping Gogoro Network GoStation

“With thousands of people living on top of each other in cities, the traditional charging method just doesn’t work. No matter how fast the charging infrastructure gets, it doesn’t beat our six-second Swap & Go,” Luke tells CNBC.

We believe that in order for more people to make the switch to electric, the electric refueling experience needs to be 4-5x faster than refueling with gas. And Swap & Go does just that.

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