Gogoro x MUJI Launches “Recycling for Good” Joint Initiative, to Unveil Exciting New Smartscooter Collaboration

Having collaborated once in 2020, Gogoro and MUJI, a global Japanese retail company known for its philosophy of designing quality, ergonomic products with minimalist aesthetics, are teaming up again to launch the “Recycling for Good” initiative. This joint sustainability project paves the way for a new co-branded Gogoro Smartscooter, which will be released this year, integrating sustainable thinking and minimalist design.

“Recycling for Good” - A Joint Sustainability Initiative

Gogoro's vision on sustainability aligns with MUJI's core philosophy of giving back to the Earth. In response to this year's World Environment Day theme #BeatPlasticPollution, Gogoro has joined MUJI in encouraging the public to recycle more through the "Recycling for Good" initiative. By creating opportunities for the public to participate in recycling PP (polypropylene) plastic waste, Gogoro and MUJI aim to empower individuals to take small actions towards a more sustainable future. The project also serves as a prelude to the upcoming design collaboration on a co-branded Smartscooter.

Consumers can bring their used plastic bottles and containers made of PP material to select Gogoro and MUJI stores across Taiwan. Participants can check in by scanning a QR code at designated recycling bins and provide their information to receive a limited edition ruler made from recycled materials. All PP plastic collected at Gogoro stores will be revitalized and transformed into reusable materials, to be incorporated into the production of new Smartscooter products.

Transformative Power to Create Positive Change

Gogoro was founded in 2011 to address the transportation challenges cities are facing, with a breakthrough approach to smarter vehicles and electric refueling. With more than 2.5 million riders1, over 670,000 tons2 of CO2 has successfully been saved. Gogoro has revolutionized the way people utilize and share energy, leading the change toward a more sustainable future in cities worldwide.

In addition to Gogoro’s urban energy and transportation transformation, Gogoro is also committed to a cleaner planet through the product design. From the launch of the very first Smartscooter, the Gogoro 1 Series, Gogoro has integrated the use of 100% recyclable Polypropylene (PP) as a material for select parts. This deliberate choice reflects a commitment to promote the utilization of reusable and recyclable resources throughout the Gogoro product line.

Additionally, since 2022, Gogoro has achieved 40% renewable energy3 usage in its manufacturing processes, using a mix of solar and wind energy. At select retail store, 100% renewable energy has been implemented as Gogoro moes towards the goal of achieving a 100% renewable energy mix4.



1. The number of Gogoro users includes all users of Gogoro Network and GoShare.

2. Data source: Gogoro official website https://www.gogoro.com/

3&4. Data source: Gogoro Impact Report  https://investor.gogoro.com/static-files/86f56b50-4a38-4c7b-a909-45671574f01f

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