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Battery Swapping Can Help Transform Cities

Plugged-in charging is slowing the transition to cleaner and smarter urban transportation
Cities around the world are increasingly becoming known as charger deserts. Difficult to find in dense urban areas, like NYC, Paris or Taipei, where space is already a limited commodity, plugged-in charging has proven to be slow, inconvenient, and inefficient. Experts even suggest it’s been keeping more people from making the switch to electric than range anxiety.

The outdated technology and lack of infrastructure have complicated any path to scaling safely and the absence of any cloud-connected services have been stalling cities from transitioning into modern smart cities. Why? Because they don’t solve the problems of capacity (range), speed (convenience) and accessibility to all.

“The future is delivering energy to people when and where they need it,” said Horace Luke, CEO and founder of Gogoro. “What enables that is the software and services like the Gogoro Network that can create a platform for innovation that benefits everyone living in cities.” 

Launched in 2015, the Gogoro Network is now the largest battery swapping network in the world. With GoStations in Taiwan alone, Gogoro Network subscribers have swapped batteries to date. It’s easy to see why Gogoro has grown in popularity, too. There’s no downtime, no waiting, no energy spikes and no need to swipe a card or enter a pin. It only takes a few seconds to swap and go.
Compared to one or two tethered charging points that can only charge one vehicle at a time, a single GoStation can support 400 vehicles in the same space, while our Super GoStations can support up to a thousand swaps a day. Where you store your vehicle and whether there’s access to a charging point no longer matters with the Gogoro Network. 

Core to the Gogoro Network’s ability to deliver such a seamless experience is the Gogoro Network™ Smart Battery. Now on its third generation, the Smart Battery is the safest, smartest, toughest, most powerful and secure electric vehicle battery in the world. More importantly, just about anyone can effortlessly swap a Smart Battery.

Our AI and advanced machine learning optimize the network in real-time managing our Smart Batteries down to their individual energy cells, so we can better distribute energy through our streamlined GoStations to serve more people anywhere along their route at any time.

“Cities around the world have taken note of what’s happened in Taipei,” says Luke. “The Gogoro Network is no longer Taiwan’s little secret.”

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