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Gogoro Network Gives Riders More Flexibility and Value With Innovative New Flex Plan

Gogoro Network Unveils GoStation 3 Design, Deploys New Smart Batteries and Launches 100-Plus Battery GoStation Locations.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - September 19, 2019 - Gogoro NetworkTM, an intelligent battery swapping platform accelerating the shift to sustainable transportation, today made several announcements including the introduction of Flex Plan, an innovative pricing program that gives more control, flexibility and value to subscribers.

Gogoro Network also announced a new GoStation 3 format that features a more compact design, greater battery capacity and is enabled to charge batteries even faster than current GoStation. The company also announced the deployment of a new generation of smart batteries and 100-plus battery Super GoStations to ensure riders always have access to new batteries at peak swapping times and locations.

“Gogoro Network has established itself as the leading open platform for battery swapping and smart mobility services by providing an innovative approach to electric refueling that is easy for riders to use and optimized for businesses to embrace,” said Horace Luke, founder and CEO, Gogoro Inc. “Gogoro Network is utilizing its real-time AI for cloud data analysis to roll out a variety of enhancements including our new Flex Plan that provides smart pricing so customers have direct control to pay for just the battery energy they consume while also incentivizing them to earn discounts by choosing to swap at less busy locations.”

Gogoro Network Flex Plan with Dynamic Discount
The introduction of Flex Plan is a significant addition for Gogoro Network subscribers that is based on amp-hour (Ah) usage versus distance ridden. A key aspect of Flex Plan is the introduction of Dynamic Discounts, a program for maximizing network efficiency of available batteries and for subscribers to earn a discount of up to 20% by swapping at off-peak times or less busy locations.

Flex Plan will roll out in October as an open beta available to all Gogoro Network subscribers for TWD$299 per month. Subscribers will be charged TWN$2.3 per Ah used and enjoy the benefits of free Sports Mode, unlimited swaps, and access to Dynamic Discounts that can be accessed via the Gogoro App and Gogoro Network App. Subscribers to Flex Plan will also receive TWD$200 Ah Credits per month, and until the end of 2019, will also receive an additional TWD$100 Ah Credits for the first three months. The official Flex Plan is expected to be available in 2020.

Gogoro Network Super GoStation
With a continuous focus on optimizing and enabling the network to be more efficient, the Gogoro Network utilizes its artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to optimize the Super GoStation experience by ensuring there are always batteries available for riders. It can retain more than 200 kWh of energy and supports more than 1,000 riders per location when deployed. Gogoro Network plans to deploy Super GoStations in six major cities beginning immediately.

New GoStation Design
Gogoro Network unveiled a new GoStation 3 design that provides up to 50% more batteries than previous GoStations while reducing the physical footprint needed for installation. The increased number of batteries enables GoStation 3 to power itself and continue battery-swapping service for up to sixty-four hours when required by power interruptions. GoStation 3 is also designed for bidirectional energy exchange and distribution with urban microgrids.

Gogoro Network Smart Battery
In addition to the SuperStaton and new GoStation design, Gogoro Network has begun deploying a new generation of smart batteries that deliver unprecedented innovation that continues to extend the company’s lead in battery performance while providing twenty-seven percent more range. The new batteries are a testament to Gogoro Network’s future proof philosophy that enables it to introduce new battery innovations to customers for better performance and range without the need for them to do anything different.

About Gogoro Network
The Gogoro Network is an open platform for battery swapping and smart mobility services, delivering a fresh alternative to legacy fuel and its undeniable pollution. Gogoro Network combines the power of connectivity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create a new generation of swappable battery refueling that is smart, scalable and continually optimizing itself to be dynamic and versatile for people, communities and businesses. The Gogoro Network is at the center of Gogoro’s innovation and enables all of its products and businesses including the Gogoro Smartscooter and ‘Powered By Gogoro Network’ vehicles to utilize it for refueling through battery swapping. The Gogoro Network is also the underlying platform for GoShare, Gogoro’s end-to-end mobility sharing platform and solution for smart cities. For more information, visit

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