Gogoro Unveils VIVA, a Smaller Lightweight Smartscooter Designed for the Urban Lifestyle

Gogoro®, a technology leader transforming how innovation is accelerating the shift to sustainable urban mobility, today announced the Gogoro VIVA™ Smartscooter®. Defining a new category of lightweight scooters, the VIVA delivers the Gogoro riding experience in a compact and versatile design that gives riders the freedom to move through their cities with simplicity, creativity & personalized style.

“VIVA was created to live at the intersection of urban transportation and self-expression and designed to empower a new era of commuters around the world to make cleaner sustainable energy choices,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO, Gogoro Inc. “We are always looking for opportunities to create solutions that enable broader access to sustainable urban transportation and this smaller lightweight category of polluting 50-100cc gas scooters was a natural segment to introduce a Gogoro Smartscooter.”

Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter

VIVA leverages Gogoro’s Smartscooter leadership and sophistication, utilizing its efficient electric powertrain, smartphone connectivity and battery swapping in a lightweight urban design for shorter, quicker trips. VIVA was created to fill a sustainable transportation void in the global urban market for smaller scooters that is mostly filled by polluting 50-100cc gas scooters. 

Compact & Lightweight

VIVA is designed to be compact and easier to handle, at just 80kg its optimized to be ridden by anyone. Loaded with more than 21 liters of storage, VIVA provides enough space to store a helmet and other essentials. 

Purpose & Style

VIVA is thoughtfully designed for simplicity, ease of use and to be an amplifier of personal expression and customization. It starts with its body made from solid-core polypropylene in an exclusive process that not only resists scratching but is also recyclable and comes in five iconic color combinations.

Gogoro Power & Efficiency  

VIVA rides like a Gogoro but is optimized for shorter rides and uses a single battery, a first for a Gogoro Smartscooter. With the industry’s only fully integrated powertrain, maintenance is low and its durability is solid. This same powertrain delivers efficiency, providing up to 85km range per battery swap. With its synchronized braking system, VIVA provides braking control when it is needed most and with the integration of Gogoro’s iQ System® is continuously updating itself to provide the ideal ride. 

Gogoro Smart Innovation

VIVA is optimized with Gogoro’s iQ System® that provides smart connectivity and intelligence that continues to evolve with the rider so VIVA keeps getting better. The Gogoro iQ Smart Keycard with NFC connectivity provides an intuitive way to easily unlock and start VIVA with a single touch. With advanced facial recognition, fingerprint sensors and passcode security from your smartphone, the VIVA can stay secure and is nearly impossible to steal. 

The Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter will be available in Taiwan in October for $1800 and will begin rolling out to some global markets beginning in 2020.

About Gogoro Smartscooter

Gogoro introduced its first Gogoro Smartscooter™ EV and the Gogoro Network™ at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 and launched it in Taipei Taiwan in August 2015. The Gogoro Smartscooter™ was the world’s first high-performance, smart electric two-wheel vehicle with swappable batteries. Gogoro then launched the Gogoro 2 Smartscooter in 2017 and the Gogoro 3 Smartcooter in May 2019. For more information, visit https://www.gogoro.com/smartscooter/. 

Gogoro Smartscooter Facts:

  • More than 200,000+ Gogoro Smartscooter™ EVs sold
  • 1+ billion kilometers ridden by customers
  • 1,400+ GoStation® battery swapping stations deployed in Taiwan
  • More than 125,000 battery swaps per day, 50+ million total batteries swapped to date
  • More than 83 million kilograms less CO2 emitted

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