The Quiet Ride Returns

Connecting New Taipei City to the heart of Taipei City, the Taipei Bridge is one of the most famous expressways for scooter commuters in Taipei. 

After crossing the wide Tamsui River, the first exit is a long, downhill stretch of road leading to a seemlingly endless red light, famously known for being crowded. Thousands of scooters will wait patiently here on the daily, a phenomena that has come to be known as the Scooter Waterfall. 


On Sunday at 5:00am, over 500 Gogoro Smartscooters owners from the Gogoro Owners Club flooded the bridge in an orderly parade, creating a zero-emission, zero-noise ride. This is the second year of the organized Taipei Bridge ride and the concentration of electric vehicles was awe-inspiring. It's also an incredible reminder:

The future is here.

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