Battery Swapping Gogoro Network EV

Solar Power is Charging Batteries

We are pleased to announce that renewable energy is now part of the Gogoro Energy Network. Our first solar powered GoStation launched today in the Bali district of New Taipei City, Taiwan.

This GoStation is equipped with eight 2.3kw solar panels, generating up to 6.21 kwh per day, which is enough power to charge up to ten batteries per day. Gogoro riders can see just how much power the sun is generating, how many batteries have been charged, and the amount of carbon emissions saved on the GoStation screen.  If you're a Gogoro owner who swaps their batteries at this station, you'll be awarded with the newly launched "Apollo's Swap" badge on your Gogoro App.

With over 25,000 Gogoro owners on the road and nearly 5 million batteries swapped, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 7,200 tons.  Let the acceleration begin! 

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