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Think Deeper: Gogoro Platform

Millions of points of data are perfectly synced so you can ride without a second thought

Swapping in seconds is the key to putting smart, clean, portable power within reach of every urban rider in the world. To deliver it consistently relies on the integration of data across the entire Gogoro ecosystem. By putting rider needs at the center, we can optimize every system interaction for greater efficiency, reliability, safety, and a better user experience from end to end.

But creating a platform that gets smarter with every swap and better with every ride requires us to go deep on big data. Our teams developed a user-centric data model that applies AI and machine learning to integrate everything, from design to manufacturing to distributing energy and delivering services - all to ensure Gogoro customers enjoy a smooth ride and power on demand, whenever, and wherever they go.

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“You can’t always see the whole picture

with people, but you can with data.” 


Dale Liao

VP - Platform & Solutions


To create better user experiences we have to understand the patterns behind how people actually ride. We need a more detailed picture of what better looks like for them. It’s this belief that inspires our teams to create richer connections, apply deeper analysis, and gather critical insights on what our customers and partners need most. By putting data science into action we’re removing barriers to adoption by making riding electric more convenient, more enjoyable, more economical, and more sustainable.

Today, the Gogoro Platform manages nearly 400 million data points a month, from over 450,000 riders, swapping well over 330,000 Smart Batteries a day at thousands of GoStation locations. That trove of data also includes every step in the production process of our batteries and vehicles, as well as every interaction with our customers, whether they take place in our service centers, retail stores, or on our mobile apps. 

To make sense of the complexity and scale of all this information, our Platform & Solutions team unified every dimension of our battery swapping ecosystem onto an integrated data platform, all connected by an advanced IoT network. Built on an ultra-secure architecture that prioritizes data privacy, the system allows diverse service and business domains to operate independently while benefiting from fully-integrated data sets to optimize operations and tailor customer experiences. 


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We synthesize inputs across every aspect of the Gogoro experience, creating powerful connections that make smarter features and services possible. Because our Smart Batteries, GoStations, and Smartscooters are all synced we’re able to instantly onboard new subscribers with their very first swap, personalize user experiences, and deliver feature-packed FOTA updates automatically. 

By analyzing the status, charge level, and swapping data of hundreds of thousands of batteries across the network, our platform predicts the number of riders a GoStation can expect during peak hours. The Gogoro app then highlights the available batteries near you and even suggests the optimal time to swap at a GoStation you use regularly.

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Because we monitor the performance of every system in the cloud, we can optimize energy efficiency while extending the life of every battery. And because batteries and vehicles are digitally synced we can provide vehicle diagnostics, software updates, and new features with every swap.


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By digitizing our factories end-to-end, we make our compact, modular production lines more agile, more precise, and require less space. With more intelligent manufacturing systems, we can quickly flex to meet increased demand for batteries, powertrains, and vehicles while tracing every step and process for greater quality, performance, and reliability throughout the entire life cycle of our products.

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Our 360° integration links every battery, GoStation, and vehicle's complete production history, service logs, riding data, health status, and user interactions securely in the cloud. This gives our engineers the ability to quickly improve the experiences customers rely on every day while giving service teams a full picture of an owner and vehicle's needs in advance. It also provides operators and partners with powerful SaaS tools they need to easily manage Gogoro Network and support fleets of vehicles at a massive scale.

By thinking deeper about how to leverage data across our ecosystem, our platform keeps getting smarter as our network expands. With every swap, we’re optimizing energy efficiency, streamlining user experiences, enabling partners to scale faster, and accelerating innovation in the products and services our customers love. 

With a hyper-focus on what riders need most and putting big data to work, we’re unlocking new possibilities for the entire personal mobility industry.

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