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Think Deeper: SmartGEN

As rush hour begins, up to 10 batteries a second are swapped across the Gogoro Network

To keep riders going 24/7, Gogoro Network never rests. It’s constantly learning, adjusting, and optimizing the network to distribute power exactly where and when it’s needed, all while swapping discharged batteries for fully charged ones in just seconds -  times a day.

But how do we monitor, charge and distribute hundreds of thousands of battery swaps a day across locations and over GoStation racks at just the right time, quickly and safely in dozens of cities simultaneously? How do we maximize resources by charging batteries intelligently to ensure they’re always ready, deliver more range, and extend their lives by years? All while using the smallest possible footprint in the densest urban centers? How did we become the most convenient fueling option in the major cities we serve, ensuring urban riders are within 5 minutes of a GoStation nearly anywhere they ride? 

Making that possible with hyper-efficiency isn’t a scaling problem. It’s a math problem.

gogoro network battery swapping

Solving the equation required us to look deeper into how riders move through cities, traffic flows and energy grids fluctuate throughout the day. 

To outsmart the portable energy problem, we started with a different kind of team, including a physicist who worked on the “God Particle” at CERN, a data scientist from ESRI, the world’s largest geographic information systems, and statistical scientists and analysts from across the globe. This specialized research team established the theoretical framework for building a more intelligent energy network based on dozens of mathematical models. Ultimately they developed SmartGEN, our cloud-based battery network management system that’s unlike anything in the world.


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“By understanding the rhythm of
riders, swapping and cities, we can
deliver energy intelligently to
match that drumbeat.”


Alan Pan

Gogoro Network Lead


Like a synchronized symphony of big data, smart city infrastructure, and smart battery swapping, Gogoro Network is connected and managed by SmartGEN. This AI-powered system tracks dozens of different parameters in real-time; like battery condition, population distribution, and environmental conditions, with the most important inputs coming from actual riding data. 

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SmartGEN combines multiple data layers to create a highly accurate scoring mechanism that identifies the best locations to plot and expand our service over time. As our user base grows and demand for swap-ready batteries increases, our AI determines when and where we should introduce a new GoStation, or a hyper-efficient, high-capacity Super GoStation, to meet the needs of more riders in that area. We can see in our data that as the network grows and more GoStation locations come online, riders are getting the charged batteries they need with every swap, even in areas and at times with the highest demand. SmartGEN allows the team to continually review system performance, fine-tune algorithms and optimize our service.

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This level of intelligence provides insights unique to Gogoro. With over six years of real-world data and new inputs being analyzed with every passing second, Gogoro Network gets smarter with continuously improved calculations that optimize every GoStation within the network. That, in turn, helps us improve our service and the experience for every rider. 

That’s how we’ve quickly grown the Gogoro Network in Taiwan, and why there are now more GoStations locations than Gas Stations in urban centers today. SmartGEN has helped make swapping batteries the most convenient option with over 85% of riders within 500m of a GoStation in the 6 largest cities. 

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Our system is so sophisticated that we can calculate the future swapping efficiency of a new GoStation location with incredible accuracy. That precision helps us determine how to expand Gogoro Network into neighborhoods and along commuter routes in cities around the world. SmartGEN helps us model where to place Gostations to maximize convenience and riding range for the first riders in a new city. Then gathers detailed insight from riding patterns to plot future expansion in stages. Each step helps put Smart Batteries within reach of the largest possible rider base in a region.

As it gets smarter over time, Gogoro Network and SmartGEN deliver greater efficiency, reliability, and access to the riders who rely on it every day.

Because we thought deeper about the challenge of building a smart energy network, we can deliver precise calculations to meet the demands of a growing EV rider population. We’re creating a future-proof platform that’s designed to scale as battery swapping becomes the global standard for smarter, more sustainable urban mobility.

That’s good news for our riders. 

It’s great news for the world.


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