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To make riding smarter, we had to invent an operating system for the ultimate mobile device

Up to half a billion commuters across the world’s most congested cities rely on two-wheelers every day. But, the vast majority of those vehicles haven’t changed in 30-40 years. They’re analog, inefficient, and compound the pollution problem with every kilometer they ride. To solve that we had to start over. We knew we needed to apply new vehicle breakthroughs, connectivity, and intelligence at scale to sweep the old fuel paradigm into history. We had to embrace all the benefits that smart connected vehicles can provide riders, communities, and future generations. 

Reinventing the scooter from the ground up meant not just designing an electric-powered vehicle, but a personal computer you can ride. To achieve our vision for a new generation of ultra-efficient, zero-emissions two-wheelers we knew they would have to be digital, connected, and future-proof from the start. So before we built our first Smartscooter, our team developed the Gogoro iQ System, the world’s first operating system designed exclusively for our battery swapping platform. What they created helps deliver a ride like no other while unlocking the potential of light urban mobility for years to come.

For over a decade, Gogoro has been leading the way into the "software-defined" era of transportation. We’ve focused on making our products as software-controllable as possible. By equipping every Gogoro Smartscooter, Digital Drive, Smart Battery, and network of GoStations with an array of sensors and advanced electronics, every component can be synced in the cloud. From manufacturing to operations to vehicle performance and customization, the entire ecosystem is continuously optimized to deliver greater efficiency and a world-class experience with every ride. The iQ System helps every rider take full advantage of that connectivity.

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Through dynamic controls, smart dashboards, and the powerful Gogoro App, the iQ System delivers a more intuitive user experience. By enabling endless software updates, connected services, and custom features to be added over time, riders can optimize vehicle performance and personalize the way they ride.

Gogoro innovations always put riders at the center of the technology. Together with the Gogoro App, the iQ System applies deep intelligence and machine learning to enable industry-firsts like proximity unlock, face-recognition security, Siri voice commands, weather-aware performance tuning, wireless keycard, instant vehicle health checks, and more. By seamlessly connecting every Smartscooter with our digital services, riders get instant insight into their battery status, vehicle diagnostics, and maintenance alerts. From their App, riders can book service with a tap and get real-time control over personalization features from sport-mode to custom music themes and fun little extras on holidays and birthdays. 

Traditional, analog two-wheelers simply can’t do any of this.

Our vision has always been to create a smarter, more sustainable ecosystem of vehicles, components, and services powered by Gogoro Network. To weave everything together the Gogoro iQ System harnesses the intelligence and cloud connectivity of Gogoro Network, syncing each vehicle to our platform. With every battery swap iQ uploads vehicle data and downloads software updates. That powerful connection helps constantly monitor vehicle safety, optimize performance, increase energy efficiency, and introduce new smart features – all while keeping individual rider data secure. With every new iQ innovation, Gogoro vehicles level up automatically. 


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While many electric scooter makers are busy trying to catch up with our battery technology, power, and range, traditional OEMs are just beginning a transition to electric. Meanwhile, we're moving faster by continually releasing next-level innovations and industry-first features like Smart Wet Mode that monitors the weather in real-time and automatically adjusts our motor’s torque when rain is expected to improve traction and keep riders safer on wet streets. The Gogoro iQ System helps us push our technology further and stay out in front.

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Years of software refinement and development have led to an incredibly flexible and scalable system with nearly limitless potential to expand on. By taking the time to perfect our Bluetooth calibration, for instance, our engineers tested and tuned iQ to sense a rider’s phone or watch within centimeters of their location. That lets us deliver incredibly crisp connections that can safely unlock and lock their vehicles automatically as riders approach or step away from their vehicle. Can’t find your scooter in a crowded parking lot? Want to open your trunk when your hands are full? No problem. It also makes it possible to download FOTA updates directly from their mobile device, with a “breakpoint” feature that picks back up where it left off - even if a signal is interrupted. With this underlying technology in place, we’ll create more ingenious and useful applications.

gogoro chief product officer, ming-i peng


"With software, we can dream up 
unique services and experiences.

This is the start to a new era 
for riding in cities." 

Ming-I Peng

Chief Product Officer


Every feature of the Gogoro iQ System goes through a rigorous development process by engineers who ride Gogoro every day. After the team feels a potential improvement or feature is ready, our dedicated team of test riders run it through every possible user scenario for as long as it takes to ensure it will elevate the ownership experience.

Details like Smart Keyless Lock, voice commands, and face recognition not only make riding easier and more secure, they save time every day. Advances in our motor software and traction controls make riding safer and more responsive, while conserving energy. By delivering wireless mobile connectivity and instant data downloads, we’re unlocking new services that make riding more convenient. With smarter software and big data working in sync, Gogoro has set a higher standard for what two-wheel vehicles can achieve.

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Above all, the role of the Gogoro iQ System is to make riding better for all of us. Because we thought deeper about software, every vehicle will stretch energy further by continually improving efficiency at even the tiniest level. And by making riding a Gogoro Smartscooter more enjoyable, more useful, and easier to own, it’s quickly increasing the adoption of battery swapping which is making cities cleaner and reducing CO2 at scale. 

Gogoro is using software to make riding not only more sustainable but totally irresistible. That’s great for riders, better for cities, and good for all of us. 


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