We Are Gogoro: Stories of Moving Forward

"The first time I rode my new Gogoro home, my daughter ran straight for it. Usually, a scooter is very hot after a ride, but I realized I had nothing to worry about. The Gogoro has nothing exposed that is hot - not even an exhaust pipe. That was the moment I knew I made the right decision.”
Jet, Father, Gogoro Owner, #WeAreGogoro

Every day, we are told dozens of stories on how Gogoro has impacted lives. With almost 200,000 Smartscooter riders and fans around the world, our vision to power positive change for a better way forward is becoming a movement - from Taipei to Berlin to Paris and beyond.

See our stories at @WeAreGogoro on Instagram where Gogoro fans, Smartscooter owners, employees, and partners around the world share their unique experiences. Tag #wearegogoro in your own photos so we can hear your stories.


“Before joining Gogoro, I was pretty timid. After I joined, I learned to ride a scooter, and even went on a 2 week trip around Taiwan alone. Now I am more open-minded and willing to embrace new things." 

- Hola, Community Coordinator, Gogoro Owner, #WeAreGogoro


Since 2011, we've been heads down with designing and delivering consumer innovations to improve how the world’s most populated cities distribute and utilize energy with the Smartscooter and the Gogoro Energy Network. And now with 22,000 Smartscooters and battery-swappers active on the streets, it's time to begin sharing these stories with you.

Let's move forward together, faster. 

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