Key Achievement
at the wheel


  • Color
    Graphite grey
  • Chassis color
    Glossy black
  • F/R suspension color
    Glossy black
  • Aluminum rim color
    Glossy black
  • Handle bar switches
    Matte black, electric micro switch with LED backlight
  • Dashboard
    Backlight spectrum edgeless dashboard
  • Kickstand
    Forged aluminum integrated kickstand
  • Step bars
    Forged aluminum integrated step bars
  • Side stand / Step bar color
    Dark titanium grey
  • Changeable faceplate
  • Auto soft-close integrated hook


  • Smoke visor
  • Smoke adaptive path light
  • Smoke brake light+
  • Brake fluid reservoir viewing light
  • Trunk light and USB charging port
  • Dark titanium grey snap-on buckles
  • Dark titanium grey aluminum floor guard - S series


  • Length x width x height
    1,730 x 690 x 1,215 mm
  • Wheel base
    1,230 mm
  • Weight
    94 kg
  • Weight (with 2 Batteries)
    112 kg
  • Trunk size
    24.5 L


  • Max. power output
    7,200W @ 5,000 rpm
  • Max. horsepower
    9.65hp @ 5,000 rpm
  • Max. torque (Motor/Wheel)
    27/202Nm @ 0-2,250 rpm
  • Max. speed*
    95 km/h
  • Acceleration (0~50 km/h)*
    3.7 Seconds
  • Hill climb ability*
    30% (17°): 40 km/h
    20% (11°): 50 km/h
    10% (6°): 70 km/h
  • Max. lean angle (without mainstand)
    left: 45 degree Right: 48.5 degree
  • Max. riding range per battery swap (@ 30 km/h)*
    Approx. 125km


  • Throttle Control
    Ride-by-wire electric throttle with Saferide™ redundancy
  • Reverse Control
    Ride-by-wire reverse throttle
  • Drive mode
    Smart mode / Normal mode / Super boost mode
  • Battery connector
    Orientation-agnostic connector
  • Motor
    G1 Motor - Liquid cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor (S-Version)
  • Motor controller
    Liquid cooled MOSFET controller
  • Cooling system
    Liquid cooled system with monocoque chassis integrated air channel
  • Gear box
    Integrated single speed planetary gears
  • Transmission
    Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt with stretch-free tensile cords


  • Frame
    Aeroframe™ aluminum monocoque chassis
  • Front suspension
    Aluminum inverted single shock single arm, adjustable damper
  • Rear suspension
    Aluminum multi-link
  • Rear shock absorber
    Performance Shock+, preload and adjustable damper
  • Brake system
    Hydraulic disc brake
  • Brake fluid hose
  • Brake calipers
    Front: Fixed 4 piston
    Rear: Single piston
  • Brake rotor
    Front: 226mm drilled slot disc
    Rear: 162mm drilled slot disc
  • Tire specs
    Front: 100/60-12 (45L)
    Rear: 110/60-12 (49L)
  • Factory tires
    Front: Maxxis M6237 SPORT tire
    Rear: Maxxis M6237 hybrid dual compound tire (for maximum handling and power efficiency)
  • Smart sensors
    Multiple gravity and shock sensors
    Ambient light sensor
    Multiple thermo sensors

User interface

  • iQ System™ smart key / Smartphone / Apple Watch with auto lock
  • NFC & Bluetooth LE 4.0, 256 bit encryption
  • Open Turnk: handle bar button / iQ System™ smart key / Smartphone
  • iOS and Android smartphone APP


  • SmartBrite™ programmable vehicle LED headlight, with halo position light
  • Front turn signal: LED lights
  • Tail light assembly: LED light sets, including brake light, rear turn signals, rear position light
  • Rear and front flashers hazard light
  • 360 Lighting system visibility
  • Chromium coated anti-glare anti-vertigo adjustable mirrors
  • Warning and alert error codes (Self-report via Gostation® and APP)

iQ System™ Smart Function

  • Dynamic performance profile
  • Headlight auto dim
  • Auto adaptive dashboard luminance
  • Headlight auto on/off
  • Low energy speed limited mode
  • Error report through GoStation® and smartphone APP
  • Auto on/off turn signal
  • Auto reset turn signal


  • Overspeed / low speed alert
  • Adjustable regenerative braking
  • Auto lock timer
  • Headlight off delay
  • 129,600 adjustable dashboard colors
  • Sound and lighting themes
  • Adjustable LED position light pattern

Under the test condition with fine and windless weather, the whole weight (including 1 rider) of Smartscooter™ totaling 175 kg or less, the tire pressure set to factory setting and 2 batteries fully charged, riding on a normal asphalt road, and using a common GPS speedometer, we collected the data of speed, time and mileage to test the following performance items with some additional conditions below respectively:

  • Max. Speed and Acceleration: Super Boost mode on, Sport Activation subscribed, on a zero degree road.
  • Hill Climb Performance: The slope of roads were 10% (6 degree), 20% (11 degree) and 30% (17 degree) respectively, all other conditions were the same as above.
  • Max. Riding Range Per Battery Swap: Rode at 40 km/h continuously, until the electricity ran out.

Gogoro® reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice.