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Our Mission

Transform power to create positive change.

We exist to revolutionize the way that we all use and share energy by re-imagining the entrenched fuel/vehicle paradigm.
We’re taking on the mounting challenges we face through radically different solutions to distributing, storing and applying energy that will empower and inspire each of us to choose smarter, better, and more sustainable lifestyles.

Thinking 360

We believe lasting change can only be achieved through a complete solution, that is why Gogoro is taking a 360° approach to making electric mobility clean and connected. By innovating on ultra-smart batteries and swapping stations to effortless apps and the most irresistible light vehicles, we are taking the lead to make future mobility smarter and more sustainable.


Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Horace Luke

Horace founded Gogoro in 2011 with a vision for leveraging innovation to introduce sustainable energy and transportation to the masses in the world’s cities. As CEO, he is responsible for the company’s vision and strategy, products, and global operations. Previously, Horace was the chief innovation officer at HTC, where he led all product strategy. He also worked at Microsoft, where he led product ideation and brand development for Xbox and a variety of other franchises. He began his career at Nike where he played a key role in the brand development of various Nike brands.

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Aitken

As CFO, Bruce is responsible for Gogoro’s accounting, financial planning and analysis, investment strategy and fundraising. He joined Gogoro from Amazon, where he was the general manager of Amazon’s device business in China. Prior to that, he spent more than twenty years at Intel in various executive leadership roles across Asia.

Chief Product Officer

Ming-I Peng

As chief product officer, Ming-I leads Gogoro’s product strategy and management organization and is responsible for the planning and development of the Gogoro Network, Gogoro Smartscooter and a variety of other product initiatives. Prior to this, he led Gogoro’s marketing. He has spent most of his career in the mobile industry at various mobile industry leaders including Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia.

Chief Marketing Officer

Kirk James

Kirk leads Gogoro’s global marketing, communications and brand strategy. He joined Gogoro from Cinco Design, a Portland-based design firm he led, that works with pioneering technology and lifestyle brands including Nike, Adidas, Microsoft, Xbox, EA and Dell. In that role, he began working with Gogoro in 2014 where his team created the Gogoro and Smartscooter brands. Prior to founding Cinco, Kirk was a design director in Nike’s global brand studio.

Head of Gogoro Solutions

Pass Liao

As Head of Gogoro Solutions, Pass is responsible for Gogoro’s “Powered By Gogoro Network” program, a program focused on fostering a new range of electric vehicles that integrate with the Gogoro Network from a variety of vehicle makers. Prior to joining Gogoro, Pass was the head of IKEA’s quality assurance team in Asia. He has also held various quality assurance roles at Ford.

Head of Gogoro Network

Alan Pan

As head of Gogoro Network, Alan is responsible for Gogoro’s Network business including the establishment, growth, and operations of it in Taiwan as well as its expansion beyond Taiwan. Under his leadership, Gogoro Network has become the world’s most intelligent urban ecosystem supporting electric vehicles. Prior to Gogoro, Alan successful led the development and growth of HTC’s European business.


Henry Chiang

As Head of GoShare, Henry leads the GoShare business including its development, operations and future planning. He has a proven track record of successfully leading the development and operations of various new innovations and business models. He joined Gogoro from foodpanda in Taiwan where he established a new level of operational efficiency that increased the company’s market share and resulted in it being a top performing market in Asia. Early in his career, Henry served the Tainan City government, where he assisted in neighborhood planning.

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