Urban Energy.

We’re revolutionizing the way that we use and share energy by re-imagining what fuel can be for millions of two-wheelers around the world.

Our mission is to put smart, portable electric power within reach of every urban rider in the world.


Transform power to create positive change.

We’re taking on the mounting challenges we face in cities today through radically different solutions to distributing, storing, and applying energy. By eliminating barriers to electric fuel, and elevating every riding experience, we’re accelerating the shift to smart mobility and sustainable urban lifestyles.

A smarter ecosystem

Our 360˚ ecosystem is AI-powered and cloud-connected to deliver the most accessible energy solution on an open, turn-key platform. It’s easier to adopt, more efficient to operate, and faster to scale in the urban environment.

Award & Recognition

Leading the way

We’re developing future-proof technologies that meet today’s demands while continually optimizing to meet tomorrow’s as well. It’s our nature to think deeper, push farther and leap forward.

Gogoro Platform

At the heart of our ecosystem, software is built around you.


Getting smarter with every swap, 250,000 times a day.

Smart Factory

Digitized end-to-end, manufacturing made nimble and smart.


Unlocking efficiency for vehicle sharing, swap after swap.

Digital Drive

Next-generation powertrains, built smart from the start.

iQ System

The superpower that makes Smartscooter future-proof.

Gogoro Platform

We’re harnessing big data to unlock more value for vehicle owners, subscribers, and business partners.

Urban mobility is in the midst of digital transformation, and Gogoro is leading the way. We’re channeling big data to connect an entire ecosystem of smart vehicles, smart energy, and a full suite of smart services that empower riders, and communities to get more out of every km they ride together. For us, data is nothing without application, so we’re constantly exploring how we can leverage it to make ownership, sharing, swapping, and partnership experiences better.

Deep integration of data from manufacturing, sales, vehicle maintenance, and energy usage allows us to continually optimize products and services from Swap & Go to the performance of our powertrains. From maintenance reservation, and vehicle software FOTA updates to our battery-swapping network that delivers power right when and where it’s needed 24/7. Smarter software elevates everyday riding by focusing on what riders need most.

Over 400 Million points of data per month collected through seamless processing enables us to discover ways to make every aspect of the Gogoro platform even more effortless and efficient. It also allows us to explore new ways to solve challenges, evolve our products, enable our partners, and open up new service models that make riding electric more rewarding than ever imagined.


Our cloud-connected AI helps plan, optimize and grow the Gogoro Network with incredible accuracy and agility.

Behind the largest, most efficient battery swapping network in the world is an energy distribution algorithm built on data, logic, and mathematical analysis. It’s already managed over 200 million battery swaps and with every new rider added, every kilometer ridden, and every single swap it keeps getting smarter.

By tracking more than 60 parameters real-time, over 250,000 swaps a day, Gogoro’s SmartGEN AI anticipates where energy will be needed most, manages the charging efficiency and safety of nearly 1 million batteries, and analyzes where future GoStation sites should be located for the most optimal service to our growing subscribers.

Developed by our team of physicists, statisticians, and information engineers, SmartGEN has helped plan the expansion of over 2,100 GoStation sites so far, providing battery swapping access within 5 min rides to 85% of all two-wheel riders in Taiwan, and within 500m of riders in the 6 largest cities. That same SmartGEN is already modeling future networks for cities around the world.

Smart Factory

We’re taking quality to the next level by building leading-edge systems that deliver precision with agility.

We’re always looking at how technology and data can help us be more than just efficient but achieve higher quality, agility, and flexibility. The result is Gogoro Smart Factory, more than just advanced facilities, but a 360˚ manufacturing methodology that sets the new standard for delivering state-of-the-art smart batteries, digital powertrains, and intelligent two-wheel EVs.

By introducing robot automation, end-to-end digitization, and deep data management, every part, process, and execution made during production is perfectly controlled by our custom MES. Our unique approach features intelligent AGVs powered by our own Smart Batteries. Smart production modules that can quickly shift from one process to another and one vehicle to the next. Near touch-less battery assembly that delivers ultra-consistency at scale. All on an agile, reconfigurable format that requires half the space of traditional factories and operates nearly on-demand.

From motor assembly to battery packaging, and along every stage of vehicle production, each screw is executed with digital precision, every wiring connection recorded and cataloged, allowing instant backtracking of any issues throughout the life of the vehicle. This obsession with detail helps us continually optimize our systems, refine designs, and streamline processes – all to deliver the quality and reliability that makes swapping, riding, and owning Gogoro a breeze.


Vehicle sharing reimagined through battery swapping, where riders themselves are the key to limitless range.

Instant access to shareable electric two-wheelers lets commuters skip the hassles of traditional mass transit, gridlock, and parking to get to their destination faster and more conveniently. It’s helping cities make cleaner, more sustainable transportation available to mass markets.

But until now, sharing operators have struggled to overcome inefficiencies of managing, maintaining, and charging outdated fleets, resorting to sending teams across cities in gas-powered trucks to swap batteries. Customers have been let down too often by less reliable vehicles without enough charge to get where they’re going.

GoShare solves both sides of the equation by bringing the entire system together with connected fleets of smart two-wheelers powered by Gogoro Network. Subscribers are free to ride as far and as long as they like swapping batteries in seconds as needed at GoStation sites along their way. Worrying about range is over. And operators get the full benefit of Gogoro Network along with smart, low maintenance vehicles all synced on our intelligent MaaS platform.

Native integration with our ecosystem leverages data, user analytics, and a robust battery swapping system to help providers streamline their operations end-to-end. Enabling greater efficiency, lowering capital expense, and reducing staff and operating costs overall. All while delivering outstanding user experiences and value-add opportunities to their subscribers on vehicles they love to ride.

Our GoShare pilot in Taiwan is already proving the advantage. Within the first year, it’s become one of the fastest-growing sharing platforms in the world, with nearly a million subscribers and 95% fleet utilization daily with 70% of users providing battery swaps on their own. As Gogoro Network expands in new markets, so too will GoShare enabled sharing solutions.

Digital Drive

Smarter performance that’s pushing the EV revolution forward. Power, efficiency, and intelligence combined.

For years, under-powered, inefficient electric motors stood in the way of mass-market two-wheel EV adoption. We changed all that by developing the first 125cc-class electric powertrains with performance like nothing before. Smart, hyper-efficient, and FOTA upgradable, our all-digital motors and control systems sync perfectly with our swappable smart batteries. Together they deliver a thrilling ride, limitless range, near-zero maintenance, and a no-compromise switch from gas to electric.

Gogoro’s cutting-edge Digital Drive technology is at the core of our ground-breaking motor range and plug-and-play powertrains. Our innovative approach to wiring, gear ratios, water-cooling, power management, and connectivity delivers unprecedented acceleration, versatility, and reliability across a range of different power levels.

Digital Drive is not only a game-changer for Gogoro Smartscooters, it’s also inspired partners including Yamaha, Hero, Aeon, PGO, Suzuki Taiwan, among others to adopt our platform for creating their own lines of smart electric two-wheelers powered by Gogoro Network. And with us, the innovation never stops to ensure that riding electric with Gogoro just keeps getting better and all of our partners are ready for next.

iQ System

Our onboard operating system unlocks our full creativity and is constantly evolving what riding smarter means.

Gogoro Smartscooters are more than simply “electric”. They’re powerful computers on two wheels. iQ is the onboard operating system we created to bring the full capabilities of our all-digital powertrains, smart sensors, and connected components to life. It makes riding Gogoro safer, easier, more energy-efficient, and way more fun.

We developed the iQ System to serve as the brain of every vehicle we make. The system takes advantage of Smartscooter’s connectivity and data-gathering prowess to track every function and enable every smart feature. Fully OTA upgradeable and continually expanding with new features that further optimize performance, increase safety, and streamline maintenance. It helps future-proof every vehicle we make.

The iQ System puts riders at the center of the technology. Its deep intelligence and machine learning have enabled industry-firsts like proximity unlock, face-recognition security, Siri voice commands, weather-aware performance tuning, wireless keycard, instant vehicle health checks, and more. It connects seamlessly with Gogoro App giving riders instant insight into their vehicle status, and real-time control over personalization features from sport-mode to custom music themes and special birthday treats. With every new innovation, Gogoro vehicles get better over time, automatically. We’re making riding smart not just more sustainable, but irresistible.

Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Horace Luke

Horace founded Gogoro in 2011 with a vision for leveraging innovation to introduce sustainable energy and transportation to the masses in the world’s cities. As CEO, he is responsible for the company’s vision and strategy, products, and global operations. Previously, Horace was the chief innovation officer at HTC, where he led all product strategy. He also worked at Microsoft, where he led product ideation and brand development for Xbox and a variety of other franchises. He began his career at Nike where he played a key role in the brand development of various Nike brands.

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Aitken

As CFO, Bruce is responsible for Gogoro’s accounting, financial planning and analysis, investment strategy and fundraising. He joined Gogoro from Amazon, where he was the general manager of Amazon’s device business in China. Prior to that, he spent more than twenty years at Intel in various executive leadership roles across Asia.

Chief Operating Officer

Pass Liao

As Chief Operating Officer, Pass holds the responsibility for overseeing and executing corporate operations, ensuring adherence to established operational standards, implementing budget and cost control measures, establishing a robust global supply chain, and implementing a comprehensive quality assurance and manufacturing governance framework, all served to help the business execute strategies more effectively and consistently.Prior to his tenure at Gogoro, Pass served as the Head of IKEA’s Asia-based quality assurance team. He has also held various quality assurance leadership roles at Ford.

Chief Product Officer

Ming-I Peng

As Chief Product Officer, Ming-I is responsible for shaping and executing Gogoro’s global product strategy, ensuring that the right products are brought to the right markets at the appropriate times. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge technology, exceptional engineering, and an engaging brand, Ming-I is working to establish Gogoro as a leader in its field. In addition to his product responsibilities, Ming-I will also oversee international and corporate marketing initiatives aimed at elevating the brand value and user experience. Ming-I joined Gogoro with a wealth of experience as a product and marketing leader in the mobile industry, having worked with industry pioneers such as Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Volvo.