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The EV Battery of the Future is Here

[Editor’s note: This is the final installment in a three-part series about Gogoro Network™ Smart Battery, the world’s smartest, safest, and most powerful light electric vehicle battery. Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.]
The release of the Gogoro Smartscooter in 2015 represented a turning point for electric mobility. With the challenge of energizing the vehicle and delivering an unparalleled riding experience solved, consumers finally had something to get excited about. Five years later, light electric vehicles powered by Gogoro Network Smart Batteries are the most popular electric two-wheelers in Taiwan and recognized internationally for their impeccable design.

Gogoro has, from the beginning, envisioned the Gogoro Network and its Smart Batteries as a platform—not just products—which would one day enable vehicle makers to dream up any type of vehicle for all kinds of riders, all on top of one distributed, shared energy platform. 

Inspired by the possibilities of the Gogoro Network and Gogoro’s innovations in battery technology, starting in 2019, major vehicle makers, like Yamaha and Aeonmotor, began developing their own models that seamlessly integrate into the Gogoro Network. A testament to Gogoro’s vision of not just creating products people love but their ability to move a whole industry forward. 

Six light electric vehicle brands, including Gogoro’s Smartscooters, now operate on the Gogoro Network as part of the Powered By Gogoro Network alliance, with even more partners to be announced. The network of GoStation battery swapping stations grows larger every week, while Gogoro Network riders regularly swap over 250,000 Smart Batteries a day. To date, over 140 million batteries have been swapped since 2015.

Since then, our engineering team has already delivered three generations of the Gogoro Network Smart Battery, each release—informed by data—steadily improving in energy density (riding range), power output (acceleration), and durability. As of today, the latest version, our third generation, makes up a majority of the Smart Batteries in the Gogoro Network, so all customers, regardless of what they ride, can enjoy the benefits.

And along the way, the smarts built into the Gogoro Network Smart Battery taught us more than we could have ever imagined. Data collected from Gogoro Network Smart Batteries now inform real-time pricing at GoStations, urban planning in cities, and Gogoro Network architecture beyond Taiwan. 

Perhaps the best aspect of the Gogoro Network is its inherent ability to improve over time. Not only does data enable our batteries to operate reliably longer, it also enables new features to be transmitted to Smartscooter EVs. This turns the age-old concept of “vehicle depreciation” on its head so that anything connected to the Gogoro Network via the Gogoro Network Smart Battery can do more with age. That means more features, more performance, and of course, better and better EV batteries for all.

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