Eeyo 1: An ultralight ebike from Gogoro

New Eeyo App Gives Riders More Control Without Sacrificing Simplicity

Eeyo App 1.1 unlocks new features for an even more personalized ride, includes Apple Watch support

Today, we’re releasing an exciting new update for Eeyo 1, Gogoro’s ultralight ebike

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With the release of version 1.1 of the Eeyo App for iOS and Android, riders now have more ways to personalize their ride, see riding stats in real-time, and even control Eeyo from their Apple Watch.

You can now add up to 3 gauges on the ride screen, so we’ve renamed it to something more familiar, the dashboard. In addition to your speed, you can add a readout for distance traveled, riding time, and calories burned.

We’re pretty proud of that last one. Using data directly from the Smartwheel’s torque sensor, we’re able to provide an estimate on par with some of the most trusted cycling computers. 

Eeyo App 1.1 now supports dark themes on iOS and Android, to personalize your dashboard a bit more. 

With the Apple Watch app, select your desired assist mode, see your new dashboard, lock/unlock the Smartwheel, and best of all, leave your phone in your pocket or bag.

When you select your assist mode, on your phone or your Apple Watch, you’ll notice a new option. You can choose None to turn the assist off. 

Eeyo 1 is currently on sale in the US, France, Taiwan, and Indonesia. It will be available in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic early 2021.

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