Gogoro Smartscooter iQ System: Always Newer, Always Smarter

Developing every component of the original Gogoro 1 Series Smartscooter from scratch meant our designers, engineers and developers had to also create the world’s first smart operating system (OS) for the first-ever smart electric scooter. One that could harness the intelligence of the Gogoro Network and deliver smart solutions that bring convenience, safety and joy into every aspect of a Smartscooter owner’s experience. 

iQ syncs with the Gogoro Network and stays up to date wirelessly, giving owners access to the latest smart features on a regular basis. Released just last month, iQ System 6.0 adds Smart Wet Mode, which enhances safety on slippery roads. When riders unlock their Smartscooter, iQ will check the weather and automatically enable Smart Wet Mode if rain is detected in the forecast.

Here are some notable smart features that have been added to iQ System over the years:
  • Firmware Over-the-Air: Gogoro Smartscooters became the first in the world to receive over-the-air firmware updates in 2016
  • Hill Climbs: Smartscooters know when you’re on a hill and will automatically adjust their power output for increased efficiency and range
  • Silent Mode: Depart early or arrive late without waking up your neighbors when you start or park your Smartscooter
  • Happy Birthday: Your Smartscooter will “sing” you Happy Birthday on your special day 
  • Find My Gogoro: We’ll remember where you parked your Smartscooter, so you don’t have to
  • Safety Alerts: iQ will send notifications when your Smartscooter has been idling too long, turn signals have been left on, and will automatically turn on lights and warning signals when you’re in reverse
  • Low Speed Warning: Electric motors are virtually silent, so we’ll notify pedestrians of your presence, keeping everyone safe

The Gogoro iQ System was designed to evolve and give owners a dynamic and ever-improving experience based on how they actually ride. iQ will keep you riding along more efficiently, safely, and the way you want. And you’ll be able to see and control nearly every aspect of your Smartscooter from your smartphone or smartwatch. Smart and convenient.

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