iQ System 6.5

Ride smarter.

Make It Smart

A digital revolution in urban riding

iQ System 6.5 is the latest update to our powerful onboard operating system that introduces weather mode, Siri voice commands, and amazing new sound profiles. It makes riding and owning your Gogoro better and safer, year after year.

Gogoro iQ System

The industry-leading smart vehicle technology that’s constantly monitoring vehicle safety, optimizing performance, saving energy, and continually updating with newer, smarter features.

Simplify everything

With Siri voice command, just say the words, and open your trunk or start your vehicle. Enjoy lots of time-saving features.

Always up-to-date

Wirelessly update via the Gogoro App, or automatically with your next battery swap. Every new update is immediately yours.

One awesome App

Customize your ride, save more energy, find the nearest GoStation, book service, check your bill - everything is all right here.

Your controller for everything Smartscooter.

With helpful tools, intuitive controls, and all your riding information in one place, Gogoro App makes everyday riding easier and tuned perfectly to you.

Quick access

Quickly check vehicle status, battery levels, and notifications at a glance, or unlock your scooter and open the trunk with a tap.

Customize yours

Easily update sound profiles, lighting effects, and vehicle performance. Even set speed limit reminders or regen mode to save.

Find a GoStation

Quickly find a GoStation with plenty of batteries at a glance. Navigate with a tap to make swApping easier wherever you go.

Health check

With every swap, your vehicle health is scanned. Any issues? Just book service in the App, we’ll know what needs to be fixed before you get here.

Celebrate your rides

Earn badges, unlock trophies, new themes, and rewards as you ride. Your first swap, a new top speed, or joining a group ride. Ride more, earn more, have more fun.

Safer, more secure.

Smart wet mode

Smartscooter automatically switches to lower, safer performance output when your selected weather service is reporting rain in your area.

Face-ID authentication

Unlock your vehicle by using the Gogoro App on your phone. Add a layer of security by enabling face-id authentication.

Two-step unlock

You can decide if you want the handlebar lock to activate automatically, or choose two-step unlock to make it optional.

Simpler, less effort.

Siri integration

The power of true hands-free. With Siri enabled on your iPhone, you can send commands to your vehicle simply by speaking.

Smart keyless

Unlock your vehicle simply by walking up to it and pressing the Go button. The vehicle will also auto-lock when you walk away from it.

Silent mode

Ride without waking up your neighbors, activate silent mode, and mute all sound effects until you wish to hear them again.

Personalized, more fun.

Efficiency control

From the amount of energy regenerative braking to the level of motor energy output, tune your vehicle to fit your riding needs.

Color & sound setting

Set your dashboard theme and vehicle operation sonic queues to reflect your personality. Change them again whenever you like.

Happy birthday

We designed the Smartscooter to be just like a friend, so on the most important day of the year, it will help you celebrate with a little song.

Pick your ride.

Every Smartscooter has iQ System built-in and ready to go.


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