Small is Epic

Introducing the world's first Ultralight Smartscooter®.
Live bigger. Ride smaller.


Gogoro VIVA Plus

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Lite them up.

Capsule headlights that will turn heads. Classic and modern never looked better together.

Nothing extra.

Narrow front head gives you just what you need to glide through the city streets.

Free space.

Enjoy a scooter that doesn’t box you in. Feel the freedom, enjoy the ride.

Smiles all around.

The streamlined LED light will keep you smiling from ear to ear.

Solid-core shell is
super tough & easy to recycle.

Ultra Fit. Just Right.

Perfectly sized to make handling a breeze for anyone.

Ultra small wheel base
Just the right wheel size to move agilely.
Ultra low seat-height
Just the right seat-height for everyone.
Ultra lightweight
Just the perfect weight to handle easily.

Ride. Park. Go.

The slimmer design makes it easy to ride and park where you like.

Ultra You.

Vibrant colors and endless accessories let you give Gogoro VIVA your personal touch.

Store Amazing.

With 21.6 liters of storage, there’s plenty of space for what fills your life.

Single Battery, Swap Easily.

It takes only one battery to get on the move, making it a snap to swap.

Tap and Go.

Start Gogoro VIVA with a single touch. The iQ System® Smart Keycard* is the most intuitive way to unlock and get moving.

Carefree Color.

With our super-tough, solid-core Polypropylene body panels*, say goodbye to ugly scuffs and scratches.

Hub Motor

Ultra Innovative. Our all-new, specialized design is optimized for durability and an excellent ride.

Integrated powertrain

The industry’s only integrated motor and controller system means less exposure, easier maintenance and relentless durability.

Dynamic Thermal Management

The one-of-a-kind temperature-based system provides dynamic power distribution, optimizing motor efficiency and increasing its longevity.

Start stability control

The motor drive is fine-tuned to ensure a smooth start every time. No fits and starts.

Ride Safe.

Gogoro always values the features you need for a safe, reliable ride.

Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes

You can stop on a dime with brakes that define the standard of high quality.

Synchronized Braking System*

Gives you control when you need it the most.

Ready for what’s next.

A dedicated App for the vehicle of the next generation, the Gogoro® App activates even more features from tuning your vehicle’s riding performance to the way it sounds.

Simple to Plan

A quick swipe is all you need to find the nearest GoStation®, schedule maintenance and more.


Keep your scooter secure with facial recognition, fingerprint sensors and a passcode. This is security redefined.

Instant Diagnostics

Gogoro® App is constantly tracking the status of your Smartscooter. Let you hit the road with confidence.

Quick, Swap, Go!

GoStation® * sites and growing.
Swap and Go
Learn how to swap
Anytime, any Place.*
Meet the Gogoro Network®

Service and Warranty.

2 Year Motor Warranty

We stand behind our quality. With our two-year motor warranty, starting from the delivery date, you have nothing to worry about.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Professional vehicle maintenance service is available at our Gogoro Service Centers.

Low Maintenance Cost

With minimized parts and the all-new motor, owning Gogoro VIVA is easy and carefree.

Roadside Assistance

Our professional crew is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will always be able to contact us for help.

Gogoro VIVA

Pomegranate Red
Lime Grey
Mint Blue
Wasabi Yellow
MUJI White
Bilberry Blue
Cherry Red
Sea Salt White
Olive Grey
Rose Pink
  • GH1 Integrated Hub Motor
  • Height 74 cm
  • Weight 80 kg
  • 3 kW @ 500 rpm
  • 115 Nm @ 200 rpm
  • Synchronized Braking System
  • iQ System® Smart Keycard
  • USB charging port on handle bar
Yogurt White
Earl Grey
Frosting Pink
  • GH1 Integrated Hub Motor
  • Height 74 cm
  • Weight 80 kg
  • 3 kW @ 500 rpm
  • 85 Nm @ 200 rpm
  • Mechanical main switch




Pomegranate Red / Lime Grey / Mint Blue / Bilberry Blue / Cherry Red / Rose Pink / Seasalt White / MUJI White / Olive Grey / Wasabi Yellow / Yogurt White / Earl Grey / Frosting Pink


Exclusive Polypropylene Shield Technology

Lock & Unlock

iQ System® Smart Keycard, Smartphone, Apple Watch* / Mechanical main switch*

Length X Width X Height (not including mirrors)

1,680×630×1,050 mm

Seat Height

740 mm

Weight (with 1 battery)

80 kg




GH1 Integrated Hub Motor

Headlight / Front Turn Signal/ Tail Light


Brake System

SBS (Synchronized Braking System)*

Wheel Size

10 inch

Trunk Size


  • The Photos may not represent actual Smartscooter™. Accessories and color may vary.
  • iQ System® Smart Keycard only available on Gogoro VIVA and Gogoro VIVA Plus.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, colors may vary.
  • Synchronized Braking System only available on Gogoro VIVA and Gogoro VIVA Plus.
  • Unstealable: iQ system® Smart Keycard, Gogoro® App and smartphone connection required.
  • The number includes GoStation® sites both in operation and currently under construction.
  • Open 24 Hours: Depending on Gogoro GoStation® site schedule announcements.
  • Anytime, any Place: Depending on Gogoro GoStation® site accurate locations announcements.
  • Mechanical main switch only available on Gogoro VIVA Lite.
  • On a sunny day with fair wind conditions, with the tire pressure set to factory setting and batteries fully charged, a 63 kg rider performs the road test on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. A Gogoro personnel collects the speed, time and mileage using a commercial GPS speedometer.
  • Gogoro Inc. reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice. All data in regards to performance, test results or distance are for reference only, and they may vary due to other factors.
  • Gogoro Inc., Gogoro VIVA™, Gogoro Smartscooter™, Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter™ & Gogoro Network® are all registered trademarks of Gogoro, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©2019