Gogoro Smartscooter®

A ride like no other.

Breakthrough innovation and design deliver all-new levels of control, performance, simplicity. Experience the magic you’ve been missing. Welcome to your upgrade.

Gogoro Pulse

Pure, Ultimate, Electric

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Gogoro SuperSport

Ultra smart control.

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Gogoro CrossOver

The True Two-Wheel SUV

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Gogoro 2 Series

Riding refined.

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Gogoro Delight

For her, by her.

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Gogoro JEGO

This is it.

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Gogoro VIVA XL

Space for possibilities.

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Mixed for everyday.

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Gogoro VIVA

Small and epic.

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Smart comes standard.

Everything integrated to bring you greater security, personalization, and control – with automatic updates that keep getting smarter all the time.


Smart batteries, Face-ID and digital-encrypted key cards make your vehicle truly secured. It’s not leaving without you.

App connected

Packed with intuitive, comfort and convenience features that help you get more out of every mile. Just the way you like.

Always up-to-date

Gogoro iQ System automatically keeps you up-to-date with the latest smart features. Ride safer. Enjoy more. Year after year.


Easy as ever.

Everyday riding essentials that simply work better. No more waiting to fill up, fumbling for keys, or struggling to park.

Swap & Go

10x faster than filling with gas. This is the cashless, queue-less, fume-less way to refuel. Just stop, swap, and keep rolling.


Wireless key

Unlock instantly with a tap of the keycard, or a press of your phone. When you’re ready, just go.

Reverse mode

One simple action, and your Smartscooter rolls out from tight parking spots all by itself. Nice.

Love the ride.

Incredible motor efficiency and performance delivers uncompromising range and exhilarating speed. Enjoy smoother, safer, more exciting rides. Everyday.

Cross town, or cross country

Exceptional range makes commuting a breeze and road-trips a must. With the of GoStation Sites everywhere your range is virtually unlimited.

Smoother, quicker, faster

Control the performance you need. Unlease instant power, or retain energy for longer tripthrough cities. All tunable through the Gogoro App.

Safety above all else

Dual-disk brakes, all-LED lighting, and self-diagnostics on board. Smartscooter offers unparalleled safety for you and your vehicle.