Gogoro battery swapping VIVA MIX Smartscooter

Gogoro VIVA MIX Smartscooter: Electric Everyone Can Love

Today we introduced the Gogoro VIVA MIX Smartscooter. A compact, rugged, easy to ride, low maintenance, eco-friendly, supersmart, biodegradable, upgradeable, connected, customizable, unstealable, stylish, fun-to-ride, and, most importantly, affordable Smartscooter that’s anything but mainstream.
Small enough to park anywhere, big enough for two, fast enough to zip through the city with ease and power to last for days. VIVA MIX is our first compact Smartscooter with the performance to outpace its 125cc rivals while leaving emissions behind. Lightweight, a lowered stance and a shorter wheel-base make it super nimble, easier to control and comfortable for every rider type - short or tall. Gogoro VIVA MIX is built for the city. Designed to adapt to you. And, ready for the future.

“As the mass market transition to electric continues to gain popularity, Gogoro is focused on introducing innovative and affordable Smartscooters like VIVA MIX to meet the demand,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO, Gogoro Inc. “With Gogoro DNA at its core, the VIVA MIX delivers the total Smartscooter package of smart riding features, expressive design and Gogoro battery swapping that is sure to set a new standard in the market.” 

Above all, we created Gogoro VIVA MIX to make riding electric more accessible and more fun for everyone and anyone. And to do that we poured all our ingenuity into making it easier to ride, easier to own and easier to afford. Starting at just TWD$59,980 (USD$2155) it combines more tech, more power and more extras then comparable gas scooters at nearly any price. And with available EV subsidies buying one in Taiwan today is a breeze.

Smooth, quick and quiet just makes riding better.
We’ve pioneered water-cooled electric motors for years that deliver unrivaled power and efficiency. Today we produce more 125cc-class electric motors than any other manufacturer in the world. For VIVA MIX, we’ve adapted technology we use in our S-Performance motors into a super-reliable, compact 6W powerhouse with quick off-the-line torque and a top speed of 90kph (55mph) with up to 150km of range on two freshly charged Gogoro Network swappable Smart Batteries.
And for VIVA MIX Belt we integrated it with our all-new FLO-DRIVE System featuring low-resistance helical gearing and a Gates carbon-fiber belt to deliver an incredibly smooth, responsive, and whisper-quiet ride. While others are rattling along, VIVA MIX just floats through city traffic. There’s simply nothing that compares in this category.

Practicality should never be boring. VIVA MIX is designed to be as tough as it is comfortable, refined as it is flexible, and as fresh as it is fun. Its colorful, iconic look is unmistakably Gogoro. And, as always, beauty is more than skin deep. We created a modular design that’s smarter to build, easier to maintain, and endlessly customizable. Built to last with durable and 100% recyclable PPE panels made with solid core color that takes the scratches and dings that city life hands out without losing their style. 

We believe the best designs are the ones you help create. So to make VIVA MIX even more you, we created the POP Accessory System featuring dozens of interchangeable components, panels, accessories, and parts that offer almost limitless personalization. Making your very own, one-of-a-kind, perfect-for-you VIVA MIX is easy. 
For us, smart is always standard. So we packed VIVA MIX with smart features that make riding every day safer, hassle-free and more fun. Enjoy Keyless power so you’re always ready to go, and ride worry-free with Face ID or fingerprint security and proximity locks that know when you’re near and automatically lock-up when you step away - no one can take your ride without your OK. 

Our latest iQ 6.0 operating system includes more all-digital firsts. Like Smart Rain mode that automatically senses the weather and adapts power-output to improve traction on slippery roads. Add a fresh mix of custom riding sound effects with our new music packs, or simply choose silent mode so you can slip into a parking spot without waking the neighbors. 

With the companion Gogoro App you can easily find the nearest GoStations on the Gogoro Network, run vehicle diagnostics, customize your settings, book service, or get 24/7 support - in seconds. And since it’s Gogoro, it’s always updatable so the experience only gets better over time. With over 2000+ GoStations across the Gogoro Network in Taiwan alone, there are more battery swapping GoStations than gas stations in most cities. That means always-on, always-ready Smart Batteries are always close-by, with 24/7 service and support at the ready. 

In 2015, we set out to make riding smart, all-digital scooters, and using more sustainable, Swap & Go power not just possible, but a better, easier choice for everyone. And now Gogoro VIVA MIX makes riding a next-generation Smartscooter a reality for more riders than ever. 

More on VIVA MIX can be found here.

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