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Hero and Gogoro Partner to Bring Battery Swapping to India

This week, we announced an incredible new partnership with Hero MotoCorp that will bring Gogoro Swap & Go battery swapping to India. Together we’ll accelerate the transition to smarter, cleaner portable electric fuel for millions of riders in India’s megacities with all-new smart vehicles and a rapidly growing Gogoro Network featuring our easy-to-use GoStations and hyper-efficient swappable, smart batteries. We couldn’t be more excited about what we’ll achieve together.

Our India-based joint-venture combines the power and reach of Hero Motorcorp with the innovation and battery swapping infrastructure experience of Gogoro to solve the complex challenges of electrifying India’s two-wheelers to usher in a new era of sustainable urban mobility in India – and beyond. Together we’ll develop a range of Hero-branded smart vehicles powered by Gogoro Network leveraging the industry’s most intelligent and versatile 2EV platform. 

Stronger, faster together

We can now go faster and make a greater impact together. As the largest manufacturer of two-wheel vehicles in the world, Hero has a passionate following and the ability to move fast and scale quickly. As the creators of cutting-edge Smartscooters and Gogoro Network, the world’s most advanced battery swapping solution, Gogoro is ready to quickly integrate our technology, software and services, and best-in-class user experiences to help create a new generation of Hero products that riders in India will love.

Battery Swapping Smartscooter Gogoro

We believe partnerships like this are the catalyst needed to shift to more sustainable and enjoyable urban lifestyles that benefit all of us while setting the standard for the use of smart, portable energy worldwide. 

“With this new partnership, we commit to introducing a sustainable mobility paradigm, first in India and then in other markets around the world,” said Dr. Pawan Munjal, Chairman and CEO, Hero MotoCorp. “This partnership will strengthen and expedite the Indian government’s electrification drive and will have a significant impact on India’s energy and mobility future.”

A vision for cleaner cities

We share Hero’s vision to “be the future of mobility” and that is surely electric. We’ve known this to be true since 2011. But to drive that transformation sooner and inspire change now, we have to take bigger leaps, and with our partners, we have to lead the way. We take inspiration from Hero, who continually sets ambitious goals for their growth and evolution supported by a deep commitment to sustainability. A great example of this is their recent adoption and long-term efforts to ecologically restore and conserve the Aravali Biodiversity Park, a park that provides 7% of Delhi’s oxygen.

Hero MotoCorp | Gogoro Battery Swapping

Already famous for their solar-powered factories, rooftop gardens, zero-waste water and emission-saving initiatives - and having planted nearly a million new trees - their pledge to electrify more of their fleet with vehicles powered by Gogoro Network will create an even greater positive impact on their communities. India has an opportunity to become a global leader in sustainable transportation quickly and Hero and Gogoro are committed to accelerating this shift.

Validation of Gogoro Network Battery Swapping

Hero’s decision to partner with Gogoro and bring the smartest and largest battery swapping network in the world to India is a testament to our pursuit of a better way forward for cities. The journey we embarked upon a decade ago with the mission to put smart, clean, portable power within reach of every urban rider in the world is now one swap closer to reality and a demonstration of Hero’s mission to create, collaborate and inspire in action.

The potential is limitless and the challenge is enormous

Home to six of the world’s largest megacities, riders in India face stifling pollution, staggering growth and overwhelming traffic congestion. New Delhi, with a population of over 26 million, ranks 8th in the world for the worst traffic. Mumbai and Bengularu ranked second and sixth. 

Overall, India grapples with some of the world's most dangerous air quality with PM2.5 concentration levels 5x higher than WHO exposure recommendations. 

And year after year, as their cities continue to grow and more vehicles take to the streets the pressure on resources, accessibility and quality of life for India’s daily commuters gets even more challenging. 

“We are at a critical stage in the transformation of urban mobility and the evolution of smart cities. With more than 225 million gas-powered two-wheel vehicles in India, the need for smart and sustainable electric transportation and refueling is vital,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO, Gogoro Inc.

A Better Way Forward

As policymakers and city planners look for ways to evolve their mobility infrastructure, Gogoro Network can play a pivotal role in meeting their goals. By distributing electric fuel in smarter ways, within smaller footprints, located conveniently in reach to commuters, it's an easy and cost-effective smart-city upgrade.

Battery Swapping GoStation

A single Super GoStation location alone can support over a thousand swaps a day. The entire system is connected by the Gogoro Network cloud service which continually monitors the condition of every battery down to each individual energy cell and manages how quickly they are charged, ensuring our batteries last longer and deliver more power over time. 

Battery Swapping Gogoro

With bi-directional charging and smart energy management, the increased storage capabilities can help stabilize local power delivery and provide emergency power back to the grid as needed. Even during widespread outages, our GoStations can remain operational for riders to swap batteries for up to 72 hours.

No other solution in the world can deliver the capacity, efficiency, safety and accessibility of energy needed to service millions of 2EV riders simultaneously. All of this while radically reducing CO2 and dangerous emissions from Gogoro-powered smart vehicles every day. 

Hero and Gogoro’s combined efforts in India will soon offer the largest group of two-wheel riders in the world, an affordable, scalable, smart, safe, fast, electric mobility alternative, right when they need it most. Our partnership marks a giant step forward towards smarter, safer mobility in India and around the world. 

Gogoro and Hero understand the urgency and we’re excited to get going.

Get ready to #SwapAndGo, India! 

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