Live life larger, and Fly to the front of the pack. Don’t just take the spotlight. Command it.


Live life larger, and Fly to the front of the pack. Don’t just take the spotlight. Command it.


Negative Display Spectrum Dashboard

Colorized Spoilers

81cm Extra-Long Seat

Extra-Large Cargo Space

Lightweight aluminum-alloy wheels

7.4 kW High Efficiency Motor

Extra Thoughtful

Family-friendly from head to toe.

Smart and environmentally energy

No exhaust pipe, more secure against scalding

Easy lift main stand

Assist in reversing smoothly

Auto dimming turn signal switches off

Ultra durable Polypropylene material*

Extra Comfort

Ride along with ultimate comfort.

810mm Extra Long Seat

Comfort and space for the whole family.

26.5 L Large Storage Space

Bring all the fun your family need.

260mm Leg Room

More space to rest your feet and carry-ons.

Extra Safe

The greatest sense of security, for those closest to you.

Dual disks Synchronized Braking System

Ultra bright full LED lighting system

FLO DRIVE™ belt transmission*

6.4 kW high efficiency motor

Cup holder and USB charger

Ride smarter today, and tomorrow

Thoughtful smart features that gets better year after year.

Swap & Go

Swap and Go

In, Out, Go. So quick that it’s still fast when you take it slow.

+ GoStation®*

The largest battery swapping network in the world.

GoStation Network

Our growing network lets you swap batteries in seconds.

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Gogoro VIVA XL


Gogoro VIVA XL


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  • The Photos may not represent actual Smartscooter™. Accessories and color may vary.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, colors may vary.
  • Two 3/4 helmets are measured with Gogoro helmets-City Riding (Mist Black) products.
  • Taipei City one round is measured as 60 km
  • iQ System® Smart Keycard only available on KEYLESS and BELT.
  • FLO DRIVE™ Belt-Transmission System only available on BELT.
  • Zero Maintenance: FLO DRIVE™ belt drive system must still be regularly maintained according to the owner’s manual to ensure the owner’s warranty rights.
  • Reverse Button only available on KEYLESS and BELT.
  • Fearless durability:Limited to normal use conditions, the vehicle is less likely to be scratched or damaged than other Gogoro vehicles. This does not mean that the vehicle shell can withstand any degree of scratching or impact.
  • 100% Recyclable:Refers to the No.5 plastic materials with the latest technology and without considering the conditions of recycling costs. It does not refer to the actual recycling implementation.
  • Proximity Unlock only available on KEYLESS and BELT.
  • Smart Anti-Theft:iQ system® Smart Keycard, Gogoro® App and smartphone connection required.
  • GoStation herein this page refer to the number of GoStation racks, which consist of 8 to 10 battery slots.
  • The number includes GoStation® racks and sites both in operation and currently under construction. Depending on Gogoro GoStation® site accurate locations announcements.
  • Open 24 Hours: Depending on Gogoro GoStation® site schedule announcements.
  • Range per swap 170km:On a sunny day with fair wind conditions, with the tire pressure set to factory setting and batteries fully charged, a 63 kg rider performs the road test on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. A Gogoro personnel collects the speed, time and mileage using a commercial GPS speedometer.
  • 2 Year Motor Warranty:With limited conditions, please refer to Gogoro official website for details.
  • 126 Gogoro Service Center:The number may change by times, please refer to Gogoro official website.
  • 24 hrs Roadside Assistance:Under limited conditions, please refer to Gogoro website for further information.
  • Turn signal may not be automatically switched off if the turning range is too small. Please pay attention to the riding situation and switch the appropriate turn signal all the time.
  • Gogoro Inc. reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice. All data in regards to performance, test results or distance are for reference only, and they may vary due to other factors.
  • All other names and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.