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Urban Revolution

Trailblazing Efforts in driving Taiwan’s EV adoption

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Sustainable Solution for India’s Last Mile Deliveries

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Revolutionizing the Urban Landscape

Gogoro's Trailblazing Efforts in Taiwan

Once plagued by gas-guzzling scooters, the world's most densely populated and two-wheel reliant cities are now experiencing a seismic shift. In just a few short years, Gogoro has transformed Taiwan’s transportation landscape, with over half a million riders now taking to the streets using Gogoro's innovative battery swapping network.

At the forefront of the electric scooter revolution is Gogoro’s Smartscooter. Running on Gogoro’s industry-leading battery swapping system, Smartscooter boasts cutting-edge technologies and design, a diverse product range of vehicles and Gogoro also has a strategic relationship with the Taiwan government. These factors have cemented the company's position as a leader in the electric scooter market in Taiwan, bringing a cleaner, more efficient future to the bustling urban landscape.

E-Scooter Market Share
Gogoro Network Riders
7 Billion km
Total Distance Ridden

Leading the Charge

Before Gogoro, electric scooters were often slow, limited in range, and uninspired in design. But with the introduction of the Gogoro Smartscooter, the company challenged riders to embrace the future and rethink their mobility options. The sleek and distinctive Smartscooters offer a powerful water-cooled motor, cutting-edge smart technologies not found on traditional vehicles and a proprietary dynamic drive system. The result? The Gogoro’s Smartscooter quickly became the must-have riding experience for urban riders, setting a new standard for what urban mobility could be. With its innovative features and unrivaled performance, Gogoro led the charge in changing the way consumers perceive and choose how they move everyday.

Personalized Rides

In Taiwan, Gogoro offers a variety of vehicles that suit the needs of every rider. With a range of scooters designed to cater to different individuals, the company is ensuring that there's a Gogoro for everyone. From scooters with varying power outputs, top speeds, and ergonomics, to customization options such as different color schemes and accessories, Gogoro is offering a level of choice and personalization that is unmatched in the market.

This inclusive approach to product design has allowed Gogoro to appeal to a wide range of customers, from riding enthusiasts to daily commuters. Whether you're looking for a powerful and sporty ride or a practical and efficient way to get around the city, Gogoro has you covered.

Partners in Progress

With Gogoro’s success, Taiwan's government was able to envision the possibility of cleaner, smarter cities, and demonstrated their support for the sustainability vision by their continuous subsidies for electric scooters, which has had a profound impact on Taiwan transportation. These subsidies were designed to encourage the adoption of clean and efficient modes of transportation, and they have helped to improve the perception of electric scooters, as they are seen as a more viable and attractive option for daily transportation.

A Sustainable Solution for India's Last Mile Deliveries

The Partnership Between Zypp Electric and Gogoro

As the demand for eco-friendly logistics and last mile delivery solutions grows in India, so does the need for efficient and effective electric scooter fleet management. Enter Zypp, a company dedicated to providing all-electric scooters for various delivery needs, from quick commerce to food delivery and last-mile connectivity. However, the traditional approach of tethered EV charging still didn’t deliver the full advantages of smart electric transportation and still incurred a significant opportunity cost for the company and its riders, as the time lost to charging equates to 2-3 deliveries worth of income. Zypp and Gogoro have engaged in a vehicle and battery swapping pilot project in Dehli, India, to increase uptime and efficiency.

Logistic Partner Brands
1,483 km²
Riding Distance Coverage
Batteries Deployed

The Power of Swap & Go

Gogoro’s innovative Swap & Go battery swapping offers a solution to the challenges Zypp and its riders are facing. The quick six-second battery swap technology eliminates the wait time and need for parking thattethered charging requires, which can take up to 30 minutes. This allows riders to maximize their earning potential by quickly swapping depleted batteries for fully charged ones. Gogoro provides a proven, safe, secure and efficient solution that increases the up-time for Zypp’s vehicle fleet.

Data Driven Success.

The pilot project between Zypp and Gogoro aims to test the effectiveness of a best-in-class battery swapping solution for the electric scooter fleet management company. In addition to providing a fast and convenient recharging solution for riders, the solution must also be seamlessly integrated with Zypp's fleet management system, Gogoro’s GNOP system ensures real-time monitoring of battery status and usage patterns. The data gathered through this integration will play a crucial role in helping Zypp plan for larger scale adoption of battery swapping in the near future.

Durable, Reliable Rides

In order to meet the demands of their B2B operations, Zypp needed electric scooters that are both reliable and safe. Gogoro’s Smartscooter portfolio have been extensively tested for performance and safety on a global scale, from power output, ride height, wheel size, anti-theft features to additional carrying capacities, the Gogoro Smartscooter gives Zypp confidence that their fleet will perform to the highest standards, even in the face of tough B2B use.

The world's
swapping network

Batteries swapped

More than batteries swapped per day in the last 30 days.

Total distance covered


Equal to traveling around the Earth’s equator times.

CO₂ saved


The same amount of CO₂ as trees absorb every year.

  • This is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of all electric scooters using Gogoro Network service compared with ICE scooters so far in Taiwan. The calculation formula refers to the " EPA Disposal Directions for Reviewing the Offset of Greenhouse Gas Emission from a Development Activity" in Taiwan. The riding distance of the electric scooters are based on the data uploaded to the system when the batteries are swapped.
  • The number includes GoStation® sites both in operation and currently under construction.