Gogoro 1 MSRP starting from USD $3,950*

Make it yours. Switch styles, change colors, swap tunes, add accessories, individualize. Express yourself with Gogoro.

Possible Customizable Combinations

Gogoro 1 Plus
With Gogoro Plus there’s even more colors to choose from. Check out the new Yellow, Blue, Orange and even Silver models. There’s nothing else like them. We just think you should have more options for how you want to stand out when you pull up to the line.
Gogoro 1 Plus

Gogoro Plus is an upgraded version of Gogoro with unique add on to give you a more fun experience of Gogoro SmartScooter.

Light it up. Make it yours.

Our digital dashboard displays rider status in rainbows of information. Shifting colors show speed and power levels. Explore design options with your Gogoro® App. Flash your style.

Use the dials to color your Gogoro

Powerfully Illuminating.

Light it up. Use your Gogoro® App to program custom light patterns for your headlights and taillights. Set one for start-up, another for shut-down. Give your turn signals an edge. Stand out when you pull up to a light. Make it flashy, make it brilliant, make it you.

Choose a Theme

Tune it Up.

Tune up your Gogoro with dozens of different downloadable sound patterns. Use the Gogoro® App to change the voice of your Smartscooter™ EV power-on, turn signal, kickstand, remote lock and other indicators. Ride and play, anyway you like.

Choose a Theme

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Our Design Ethos:

Just the Way You Want

We spend countless hours perfecting every detail of your Gogoro just so in the end it’s easy for you to change it, tune it, refresh it, and simply make it your own. Even our front panel swaps out so you can mix things up. What’s next?

The MSRP indicated above does not include any battery packs, sales tax, VAT, freight, import duty and government subsidy. Please reach our international sales contacts for more details.