Gogoro 1 MSRP starting from USD $3,950*

Battery swaps in a snap. Unlimited power at GoStations near you. Service at your fingertips. Simple maintenance. It’s all so easy.

  • Ride On


    Travel free citywide. Our dense network of GoStations is always ready to charge you up.

  • More Go


    Fully charged, the twin batteries provide enough go-juice for up to 125km of travel.

  • Swap & Go


    Change batteries in a flash.
    No mess. No fumes. No fuss.

Smarter Power

Unbelievable power fits right in the palm of your hand. Gogoro® batteries are a smarter and cleaner energy source that make riding a breeze. A single pair can take you up to 125km and changes out in seconds. No wires. No pumps. No emissions. Nothing else comes close.

Approx. Max. riding range per battery swap is 125KM @ 30KM/h and 100KM @ 40KM/h. Riding at high speed reduces riding distance.

Energy Cells by

Ride on and on

GoStations are all over the city so you’re free to roam. Easy to find. Simple to use. Swap out batteries 24 hours a day. Get diagnostics at a glance. Stay powered up and fully informed. You’ll have unlimited energy, stress free, whenever and wherever go.

Fast, Easy, Everywhere

Uptown, Downtown. Cross-town. Ride where you want, when you want. Fast and simple battery swaps at GoStations all over the city. Day or night, power is ready for you along the way.

Radical Simplicity

Simply accessing components like the primary battery, ECU, fuses and the horn, sparks wonder. Modular, neat, and well organized, they comprise an architectural marvel in scooter design.

One and Done

We engineered everything to be easier. Even our all-aluminum wheels feature a single center lock hub that makes changing tires a snap. You’ll be back on the go in minutes. It`s just another one of the ways we keep you riding happy.

Quick and Simple Fix

Easy in, easy out: service and tune ups happen fast. We built your Smartscooter™ EV for speed…. even during pit stops. Everything is designed for quick access. Tighten belts, change tires, refill fluids, all in minutes. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

2-Year Warranty

We stand behind our quality. Our two-year, unlimited mileage warranty begins on the date your Smartscooter’s plate is issued. With extra care and diagnostic services, you have nothing to worry about. Simply enjoy your ride.

Roadside Assistance

Our professional crew stands by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be available whenever, wherever you need us.

Our Design Ethos:

You First

Everything we build begins and ends with you. Take our revolutionary battery. It fits perfectly in your hand and connects in any direction. Just put it in. You can’t make a mistake. Its smartest innovation is how easy it is to use.

The MSRP indicated above does not include any battery packs, sales tax, VAT, freight, import duty and government subsidy. Please reach our international sales contacts for more details.